Transferred, Minerva Xela

My new area is here in the middle of Xela! It is one of the areas that all missionaries want to go. It is in the best zone in Xela and probably the mission. It is the richest zone and most like the states. Zone is called Zona Oeste and my area is Minerva. It is a sick area... there are 4 missionaries. 2 Sisters and my comp and i. My comp is Elder Albert. I am killing him here which means he goes home at the end of the change. He is way trunky so thats always fun... haha. but hes cool. hes from wyoming.

The ward has some really sick members. they bring us pizza and fast food and donuts all time. so i will definitely be gaining weight. Last week we had a a meeting with the ward mission leader and he is awesome. He is pilas. He loves mission work and works hard. he reaminds me of dad when he was the ward mission leader. He comes from a wealthy family. he has a BMW 5 Series. His son leaves on the mission tomorrow so that is exciting. 

Conference was awesome. Saturday we watched it in English but on sunday we had to watch in spanish. You don{t get nearly as much out of it in spanish so i am excited to listen to the sunday talks in english. I really liked president monsons talk on saturday night and elder ballards talk. pretty sick. Saturday night priesthood session we watched it with like 24 missionaries in english at the stake center. We were all surprised when we saw president drive up and watched it with us.

The area here is way cool. some great people. the house is nice and big. but really dirty... its disgusting haha. my first day i filled like 4 large trash bags with trash that was all over the place. We have killed 2 rats this week crawling around. i{m thinking about buying a big snake for the house to eat all the rats and other critters that are hiding in the mountains of trash. 

love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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