Week of Families

On Sunday the bishop gave a talk and spoke on families. He started off by asking if everyone in the room was fulfilling with their duties and responsibilities in the family. If everyone was investing in having better family relationships. Something i liked was that he quoted the primary song Families Can Be together forever. He said that the words are, Families CAN be together forever. It doesn't say that Families are together forever. In order to have an eternal family we have to work for it. We have to be proactive in our decision making so that our families qualify. 

This week we were teaching a guy about baptism and he didn't really understand that it was neccesary to get baptized. So we did an activity. All of us went outside. Then i asked my comp if he was baptized. He said yes. So he went inside. I was baptized so i went inside the house too. Then i asked the investigator if he was baptized... No. So i closed to the door and left him outside hahaha. We waited a minute and then continued the lesson. That without baptism we cannot have eternal life. 
We had a busy week because it was The Week of the Family. It was a great week. Although we didn't receive any references from the members all the investigators that we already have went to the activities and had a great time. On Monday night we had a family home evening with some members and we had a few investigators there. Then on Wednesday night we had the Open Door Event at the chapel. We set up a table with BOMs and Pamphlets. That was fun. The best event was on Friday night for the Talent Show. There were a lot of funny acts and everyone was having a good time. One of our investigators particiapted in that. On Saturday morning we went to the chapel and everyone played soccer. The chapel has a nice outdoor court and it has a nice view. With the sun out and the wind blowing it made me want to play lacrosse and i started to miss playing a ton. Definitely gonna take my lacrosse stick to BYU.

These next few weeks we should have 4 or 5 baptisms. So that will be nice to start baptizing again. What has been really hard is finding new investigators. So that is what we have been focusing on because most of our investigators are gonna get baptized soon and we don't have anyone as of now to replace them. So that is always stressful. 

Today we had our zone activity and went to a little pond... It was lame but there was a mini boat so we floated around a bit on that. Changes are in 2 weeks so Zelaya is just in his last few weeks. We have our zone conference tomorrow. We have been assigned like 80 minutes... So we asked what we needed to teach and they told us that we are just gonna have to make a plan with the zone.... haha they said not to worry... its stuff we already know how to do. They told us just to show up to the conference and then they will tell us what to do. 

Not much of a letter this week. Not much to say. 

Love you guys!!

Elder corbett


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