New Area Momostenango

Well here i am!! Momostenango!! 

I am in a village called Nimsituj Momostenango...  There actually haven't been any missionaries here for 14 months! Never would they send Sisters out to villages because of the work and living! But its fun! It is a branch who hopes to be converted to a ward in a few months! The branch actually has more people who are active than the ward. But it is pure village and mountain. you will see in the photos that there is nothing in my area but 300 people total and a bunch of trees and steep slopes to climb. Out of the 300 people who live in the area, 250 are members. on a given day last week, we walked 12 miles.. basically the Tiger Mountain cable route 4 times in the same day. We live in the chapel.   From where the nearest small store is, we live 50 minutes. We get there on something called a flete which is just an old pickup truck with some metal bars to hold onto. 

The other ward we cover is called Patulup. I am still with Elder Haller We didn't get changed which is unheard of. It is fun! We both got sent up here to open this area. Patulup is a ward, but is really struggling. There hasn't been missionaries there for probably 3 years. Its way different out here. Its like we are camping... The climate here is a lot like california. Dry and hot. Same types of trees and shrubs. Its pretty and super quiet because there isn't anything for 50 minutes!!  we cover both places and they are way far from each other so we have to sleep some nights in one chapel and then others in a different chapel so we can cover everything. Both of these areas haven't had missionaries in them for  at least

Our new neighbors

Our new path to walk
14 months. So we are literally opening the area from scratch. It is a lot of fun. I was thinking of how i can describe it to yall but it isn't like anything you have ever seen. The only thing similar is when i went to Costa Rica with Donald and Haylie and we had to hike like 5 miles to a guys house to help him... Thats exactly what its like. Its super hot here too. 

The thing that is cool is here is that there are tons of members. When apostles or general authorities come to Guatemala, they come to Momos because they say they are pure lamonites. Boyd K Packer said when he was here that every mountain will have a chapel on it someday... From my chapel, you can see 4 other chapels just in the middle of nowhere. ITs cool cuz at night, everything is pitch black but the chapels. The promise is already coming true. 

Yesterday at church, we were expecting to learn some doctrine ya know? Like you think you would going to church but it turns out that they don't do church here in spanish. It is in a language called Kíche', So we didn't understand a word. It was funny because during sacrament meeting, someone gave a talk and then everyone stared at us and we had no idea what had been said.. 

Walking around here people look at us like Red Ferraris... They are just so happy to have Elders again and to have white guys that they just smile and yell and kids will run along with us and the whole deal.. 

Being here is a little different then the city... well 100% different. We have to enter the house by 6:30 becaue it is so dark. We will prob be sleeping over tonight in the city of momos in the zone leaders house because we won't be able to get back to our place.

Life is good! The mission has turned 180 degrees in literally everything!! Its a ton of fun!

Miss yall! Love you

Elder Corbett


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