Happy New Year & Changes

Christmas in our neighborhood

Our ward Christmas party...

Christmas dinner!!!! As close to American food as it gets!! Thanks Pereira family!!! Will miss you so much!

Saying goodbye!

This doesn't look that safe...what is he thinking???
Tomorrow i will have changes! i am super excited to move on to my next stage in the mission. It turns out that all the missionaries in my area *(all 5) have changes. they are moving the zone leaders here and the zonies are going to train. so they will be living 4 in a house just like the Best Two years. I hope to go to a zone called Momostenango. I imagine if you googled that name all you would see is pictures of trees. Because thats all it is. jungle. 

New Years was awesome here. The fireworks were so sick. Just like Christmas, everyone and their dog light off fireworks and are out on the streets celebrating. Holidays here are bad news for the Work. Nobody is ever home. Like literally, nobody!

 My resolutions are to exercise more, to pray more fervently and sincerely and more often, and to make better use of my study time, and last but not least to have a more positive outlook on the day and on life. Including not talking bad about people and just always saying positive things s and giving more compliments. 

I sent a package last week so it should be arriving next Tuesday or Wednesday to San Jose. I packed some clothes i didn't need and some ties and stuff. One thing i am wondering is if you could call Mr. Mac and see what the return policy is... that big jacket that we bought was a mistake. It is super heavy and huge and just will never be worn. If we could return it, we could get the $100+ back on it. And it would cost only like $40 to send in package from here. So we would be able to make some money back. All the missionary houses have one of those jackets in them because all the elders just leave them when they have changes but i would be more interested in getting some money back rather than leaving it at some house.

Not much to write this week. Next week there will be a lot because new comp and new area!! 

Miss you guys and love you!!

Elder Corbett


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