First Week in the Missionary Training Center

Andrew made it to the Guatemala Missionary Training Center! He also survived his first week! Here are parts of the letters he sent to us this week! And a picture of all the other missionaries in his group.
(Andrew is on the back row... he is the only redhead)

First week was amazing. So many great experiences. I've learned so much spanish and we talk in it so much. I love the CCM which means MTC. We flew in last week with 46 other missionaries. Great group. There are probably 10 of us going to Quetzaltenango. My companion is a nice guy. His name is Elder Curtis from Mesa. One missionary going to Quetzaltenango and in my district was in the same EFY group as me freshman year and was my room mate. We made the connection yesterday when we both told eachother we recognize eachother from somewhere. It was funny.
The first few days in the MTC, the President wanted us to start mingling with the latinos. I made the connection that it was exactly like Remember the Titans. When they were getting on the buses to go to the camp and the coach made them all change buses and sit with the other people. We now sit with the latinos and they are very cool and are trying to pick up english. 

Each day we teach an investigator who is just our teacher in disguise. His name is Oscar. We teach him in Spanish and we are not allowed to use notes. It is overwhelming at times but i am always astonished with how much i can speak. On Saturday night, i was giving the opening prayer during the lesson and totally forgot every word and what i was going to say. IT was silent for a few seconds and then i heard what i had thought to be the voice of my companion whispering in my ear of what to say. I asked him later and he said it wasn't him. It was the Holy Ghost whispering in my ear. It was such a spiritual moment. I was then able to converse with Oscar for about 15 minutes in just Spanish. I speak much better than my companion so i carry the lessons. It is just amazing how much i have picked up this week. I can understand and contribute to conversations in Spanish. I study a ton. Beyond what we learn in classes, i have challenged myself to learn 26 new vocab words, 7 new phrases, and memorize 1 scripture everyday. So by the end of the MTC, i will know 1000 words, 250 phrases, and 39 scriptures more than the standard missionary. It has been a blessing. I hope to be the best missionary possible and speak the language better than others. 

Each Sunday, we go to District meeting, priesthood, and sacrament. We must prepare to teach a lesson in district meeting and prepare a talk for sacrament. They choose who speaks at random once the meeting begins so you have no idea if you are speaking... oh yea, and they have to be in spanish. So i prepared a talk on the atonement. It was a good talk. I was the first missionary to give a talk in sacrament. They say it was random but i believe that i was victim to profiling... because i am the only redhead here. haha. Everyone says that i had a great talk and the latinos say i was speaking very clearing and pronouncing words correctly. 
The food here is actually the best part... i think i have gained a little weight. they have a Chef and his crew to cook and prepare each meal so it is a ton of food and it is really tasty. we think they are trying to spoil us and make us fat before we starve in the field. everyday i drink this orange juice that i think may be from above.  

Love you so much. I am busy getting lost in the work. There is so much to do. 
Love Andrew


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