Field Trip

This has been a great week! a lot has been done this week. I heard the Seahawks lost...

The market was pretty cool. it was fun to get out of spiritual prison and remember there is a world out there with people. the market was much like the one in Peru that dad and I went to. I got a few cool things. I was talking to a guy who is from Boston at the market and someone handed me a Book of Mormon in spanish and so i started talking to him about him. unfortunately, he was Catholic. So for now, i am 0/1 on placing Book of Mormons. after the market, we went to Wendys and it was awesome. everything was the same. they even had the same ketchup which was just splendid. i went back for 2 more frostys. 

I think that i have gained weight. I do not have the same mass of muscle that i had before i left. i have grown a bit of a stomach, kind of like Donalds but not nearly as large haha. i am not worried about it because once i am in the field i probably will starve. and if i end up gaining a ton of weight on my mission, 6 weeks before i come home i will just start drinking the water and hopefully pick up a parasite. so thats always an option. 

This last week flew by. days take forever but the weeks go by quick. This last week i got 6 new roommates. They are way cool guys. The latinos are awesome. One of the guys is like 6 feet 4 inches and probably weighs 250. hes huge. hes a basketball player and has been offered to play at Seattle U and a few more PNW schools. He is also a 49ers fan. so thats interesting. 

This last week has had short sperts of pouring rain. when it rains here is poures. Walking from the mainstreet back to the MTC last week we got drenched. It was crazy but i love it because it feels like home. 

Sunday night we watched a Devotional from Christmas this past year. Elder Bednar was the speaker. He is awesome. He is so smart and i think that he will be a Prophet. He had 200 cell phones handed out to missionaries at the Provo MTC and had them text him questions and he answered them. It was way cool and he is really funny. The best part of the devotional was the Christmas music that we sang at the beginning and at the end. Sunday night was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. We were all pumped to sing the tunes and we basically yelled them. 

Scripture of the Week is Moroni 7:45-47. I finished the Book of Mormon after 13 days of intense reading. It went by quick. and i know that it is the most true book ever written. Last night i started reading El Libro de Mormon. President Hinckley promised all missionaries that if they read the BOM in their mission language, that by the time they finish it, they will be fluent in their language. 

Last Tuesday night, the Area President, Elder Duncan came and spoke to us. He told us about a new method and standard of teaching that has just come forth. Mission presidents do not even know about it yet he said. He had just received training on it from the church. The church expects us to be teaching 40 investigators at one time. Instead of teaching long lessons, they want us to teach 20 minute lessons in a 10-7-3 mindset. 10 minutes to talk and gain trust and see how they are doing. 7 minutes to give them the message. and 3 minutes to commit them. you probably think 7 minutes isn't enough to teach a lesson. It isn't. we don't teach lessons anymore. We spark a desire in them to learn for themselves. The 7 minutes is to spark a desire about why they should read the book of mormon, why they should read the pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. Relate the Book of Mormon and the doctrine they will learn about to what they need or already disire to know. We are their Guide to know the truth. 

Love you Mom and family!! Think of you every day.


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