Letters to us...


Looks like Education week was a success. I have to say, Elder Bednar is my favorite apostle. Whenever we watch his devotionals, he has so much swag... i am jealous. We leave the CCM early Tuesday morning and drive about 4 hours up to Quetzaltenango. I would think we would write once we are at the Mission home. but i don't know.

One thing i have missed most here at the CCM is music. I have always loved listening to church music and hymns but here at the CCM, music is not allowed. So i am so looking forward to the 4 hour drive where i can listen to music. Music brings such a strong spirit. As a district, we sing probably like 6 hymns a day just to bring the spirit. Spanish hymns aren't nearly as good as English hymns but i'll have to learn to love them. 

This week, President Cox came back from his medical trip up to the States. He isn't totally healed right now but he wanted to come back. There is such a different atmosphere with him around. He is an amazing guy and is so motivational. he has a light and energy that radiates off of him. hopefully my President Smith is the same way. 

We have been playing volleyball at recess (sport time). 

not much going on here. just excited to get out into the field. 

miss you!! love you!!!

Elder Corbett


best part of each day is definitely personal study. i love reading and studying the scriptures.
i'm excited to be heading up to Quetzaltenango on Tuesday and starting the mission. one thing we learned this past week was about goals. that we need to have goals for everything... how many baptisms... how many street contacts... etc. Goals are sacred and as you pray and tell Heavenly Father your goals, with faith and work, he will help you achieve them. 

Love you

Elder Corbett

love the pics!! Quinton looks so much bigger than i remember!! have you been hanging with Donald and Emma alot? whos house is the meetup site? 

I leave the CCM on Tuesday and i am so excited. i'm ready to start my mission. time really does fly out here. it doesn't feel like i've been gone for 6 weeks. school is already starting back home and in Utah. crazy how time flys. 

Life is great here as a missionary. one of my favorite parts is there are no worries. just like the song No Hurry. I'm pumped to get my ipod back on tuesday. i have missed listening to your voice singing. 

loving the mission and the new experiences and waking up everyday and knowing that the Lord is there to help me.

Love you!! 

Elder Corbett


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