Week 2 & a field trip

         Mom and Dad,

We have to write home today because Pday every other week switches between Tuesday and Wednesday. So Pday is actually tomorrow but we are going out of Spiritual Prison (the MTC) and going into the City and driving around and going to a market so we won't have time to write tomorrow so they have us write today! Just a few pieces of business... If you send a package, all the natives and the MTC staff say DO NOT put Mary stickers on packages to Guatemala. They know people at the post office and they say the package is more likely to be opened if it has some. Write Elder Andrew Corbett on the box and then they know its a mormon missionary and they won't open it. If you send a package, please send me a mini "Spanish for Missionaries Vocabulary and phrases" book. That is what we use at the MTC but they only have big ones. There is a small size at Deseret Book just like the small preach my gospel. A small one would be nice to carry around once i leave the MTC in 4 weeks. I also would like to have a 2 year calendar that i can put Xs on the days. Just a normal calendar. I think we forgot to get one. And i trust Gabe sent you some workout band. All that stuff would be nice to have.

Since we last talked on Wednesday, nothing has really happened here. Just normal days of waking up at 6:30am and going to sleep at 10:30.... well its supposed to be 10:30 but the older guys in my room who are leaving tomorrow (thank goodness) stay up till like 11:30 with the lights on making jokes with the Latinos. They are really loud and it makes it hard to sleep. On the average day here, we will have around 3 hours of personal study scattered throughout the day. I eat breakfast at 7:30am, lunch at 12:45, and dinner at 6:45. We teach a lesson basically every day. We now have 2 investigators. We rotate which one we teach every day. On Sundays, we have church in the morning and then the rest of the day is filled with Devotionals. Usually we will watch 2 prerecorded devotionals from years back at the Provo MTC. Yesterday, we watched The Testaments, watched a devotional by D Todd Christofferson, and had 2 live devotionals by our substitute mission president. President Cox (our real President) is taking some more tests today in Utah. He had flown to Cali over the weekend to spend time with his family but depending on how the tests go, he should be coming home Wednesday or Thursday. 

I'm excited for tomorrow. We start the day off right by going to the Temple and then we head on a bus and go downtown. We are stopping by a market where we can buy cool Guatemala stuff. I plan to buy a Guatemala soccer jersey. We are going into what is considered Old City. The MTC and Temple are located in the super wealthy area here in town. Most cars are really pretty nice. I see Jeep Grand Cherokees all the time and other new cars. There is a hillside that i am staring at right now that has huge mansions on it. Like the size of houses that would be in Medina. And they look really nice. We are going to Wendy's tomorrow as well. Pumped to get a Frosty. 

I think that next week i will be writing on Wednesday. But i can't make any promises because the schedules change quite often with missionaries leaving and coming every 2 weeks. I miss you guys!! Love you Mom and dad!!!

Writing a little early this week because there are new recruits coming in on Wednesday and we are going on a field trip all day tomorrow into the City to go to a market. You were at the MTC for 8 weeks right? I can't even imagine that. We all call it Spiritual Prison haha. There is a group heading out tomorrow and we are all super jealous. The days go by pretty slow here but the weeks go by fast. I started El Libro de Mormon last Wednesday night and i'm already in Alma. I've been reading quite a bit. The Spanish is coming along. We only really learn how to teach lessons and only learn gospel vocab so its going to be tough once i leave here and start learning day to day communication. Miss you guys!! send some pics! 
the food is really good. i eat a ton of it. We do not street contact. we just teach lessons here at the CCM. Since the first day, we teach in Spanish and without notes. I have been blessed with the guidance of the holy ghost and am able to converse with the investigator for long periods of time about almost anything. I work hard. What kind of study habits did you find best? I am working to be a Extended Core Missionary. meaning i must learn 1000 extra words, 250 extra phrases, and 30 memorized scriptures. I have memorized the Missionary objective and all the lesson subtitles and a few scriptures. 
Love you!!


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