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Well we had a good week. It went by pretty quick because of meetings and activities. We had leadership council last week and President Smith spoke of 6 hours straight on goal setting and living by our goals. It was a good council. I learned a lot. He has been very successful professionally and owed it all to living by his goals. We have another council tomorrow. Then a zone meeting on Wednesday.

On Saturday there was a stake 'MTC' activity. the youth went all morning and did everything we do. Each ward in the stake had to teach something about mission work. It was a nice little activity. About 60 youth showed up ranging from deacon to priest. In the afternoon, all the Elders in the Stake took a group of boys out to visit. I had a group of 5 kids. 2 deacons, 1 teacher, 2 priests. They were good. We went and visited a sick sister and shared a message with her. It was a cool experience for all the kids and to make them really excited i invited them to an ice cream. After the visit i asked them what they learned, what we could have done better, and also what they are doing to prepare for the mission. 

On Wednesday i woke up sick. I had a little fever and i felt a little nausea. It turns out there is a little flu bug going around here. We were 3 Elders in the zone that were sick the same day. And a ton of members were sick also. We also had a sister in the zone get hit by a car... She is fine. She only has a small neck brace right now. We had to go last night to their house to give her a blessing because she couldn't sleep because she has to sleep upright. 

On Saturday we found 2 new families. They are really positive and really cool families. the first family lives a little ways away. All the kids go to a different church... but they all go to a church. We taught them all the Restoration and didn't understand what a prophet was. So we talked for probably 20 minutes about that. Using a ton of different examples. A lot of people think that a prophet is just someone who preaches. So they all say that we are prophets and their pastor is a prophet... Some say that we no longer need a prophet... But we spoke in depth about that and they understood that we still have need for a prophet. I love the scripture Ephesions 4:11-14. It talks clearly that we still need prophets and apostles to perfect us. 

Im not sure what time i will be skyping this week. But i will let you know. I think it will be like 5pm my time.

Love you guys!! Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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