It was a good week this week! A lot of people were still gone this week and will continue to be gone but we really got going with the new ShareTheGift program the church has. Last Tuesday after a tough afternoon, we were just thinking what we could do better so that we can get success in the area and just have more things to do with our time. When we both thought of the ShareTheGift program. The mission has given us a ton of passalong cards as well as the video on DVD to share. We decided to pass out at least 10 a day. So we have been doing that as well as giving to members to give to their neighbors and friends. We have gotten 2 news from that and a lot of references. So it has really paid off. We look forward to passing out more this week and next week. 
Go watch this!!!....

This week we had splits again. Splits are usually really long days but it was fun. I was in the area with the district leader. But the funny part of splits was that on the 2nd day of splits, he had to go to a choir practice for when the area president comes for a mission conference next week. So we got there and they needed more people so i basically got pulled in to being in the choir... there are only 6 Elders in it and 6 Sisters. So this week I have a few more choir practices. The worst part of it is, for the choir practices, i don't even get a field trip out of the area because practices are in my building because the conference is in my building... But the choir will be fun and we are quite good. Basically like BYU Vocal Point.

thanks dad. some great thoughts. these are all things that we as missionarys should be doing. i like the scripture memory one especially. it would be cool to have a ton of scriptures memorized!! It is something that will take a good amount of time. but its worth it. I want to really Study the scriptures. One thing i've learned here is that i don't know how to study. Ive never had to study for school. so i don't know how to study. so this is one thing i would love to learn while I'm here on this mission.

 One thing that always makes me laugh is that when members from other wards drive by in their cars, they honk and then roll down their windows and yell, "Ëlders of Israel!!!". its just such a weird thing to yell but they love it haha.

Also it was awesome on Friday. We were waiting at the bottom of a huge mountain hoping someone would give us a ride but some car pulled up to us and just handed us Haagen Daz Ice cream. Then she said Ëlderes de Israel!! Then she drove off. The ice cream was delicious and just so random... we didn't know the lady haha. We feel blessed and love the people here!

Not much today! Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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