A tough week


Not a whole lot to write about this week! It has been a way tough week. We had a ton of appointments scheduled for each day but literally every appointment fell through. Nobody was home or they were all busy so they would have us come back another day. And when we came back, they were busy again. Sometimes we would then head to members houses to visit and teach something but them too were not home. Literally some days we had nowhere to go. We walked and walked and walked. It has been a humbling week thats for sure. We had to drop a few more investigators because they are never there when they say they will be so our teaching pool is also very low right now. We have received quite a few references from members but the members are slow to talk to their references about us. It is much more efficient and positive when the members invite the other family over for a family night and lesson than us just going to the peoples house and contacting them like that. So whenever we receive references, we set up a family night to meet the people. So we've got about 3 family references right now so we hope that we will be able to meet them soon and they can be positive. 

One thing i have really thought a lot about this week is faith and the roll it plays in the work. We, as missionarys, can't do anything without having sufficient faith. One thing i have reflected on a lot is asking myself if i have enough faith. We ask members always need more faith but for the next few weeks, i am going to study faith and get more of it. Only with faith can we have miracles in the work. There is a quote on something of Donald's that i took with me and it says, "Tell the missionarys if they had more faith, they'd have more success". Its so true. We need to have more faith so that we can have more success. 

I hope these nexts weeks aren't like the last. But there is a lot to learn from weeks like the last. It has been probably the most memorable week of the mission thus far. I never understood when people said the mission is hard but after last week, i understand what they are talking about. And I feel bad for missionaries that are in missions like Europe and stuff where they literally have nothing to do all day... every day. 

On thursday, we went to family Periera and they said that they were thinking of us and had boughten some pumpkin pie at an expensive bakery for us. It was delicious. Before the mission i never really liked pumpkin pie but this was amazing. We have some great members here in the ward here. So its fun to visit them and talk and share messages with them. Many times this week, although they didn't know it, they really boosted our moral and helped us keep going. 

Love you guys!!!
Miss you!

Elder Corbett


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