Christmas in Guatemala


I got your package today! The Perieras will be in the coast so we probably wont be going over there. i think we are going to the chapel to skype. or we will find a good internet here to use. I don't know what time still that we will be skyping. its tough to say because we aren't sure if the zone is going to be doing anything.

The traditions here for Christmas is to stay up till midnight on Christmas eve and then eat a huge dinner. they eat what is called pachees and then open presents at midnight. Then they light up the sky with fireworks. Apparently all night it is just fire works after fireworks. It will be cool but tough to sleep. All the families want the missionarys over to eat with them and spend christmas eve togther. My comp said last year they literally went to 10 members houses and had 10 different full entree meals... He said they got super super sick because it was so much food haha so there is that to look forward to.

This Wednesday we have Elder Duncan (Area President) coming to our chapel for the mission conference. That is when we will be singing. They told us the conference will be 9 hours long.. Apparently last time this guy came he was just machettying everyone. It will be fun though to see the whole mission and listen to their prepared messages.

I have listened to the song Zions Youth a few times and everytime i remember the time in sacrament meeting back home when dad would just yell, "NO!!"and then wouldn't sing until the next time they yelled no!! It is always fun to listen to that song!

This week we gave Billy a baptismal date goal. and he accepted. So that was good news. This is a guy who is looking for the true church but seems slow to act. We need to get him to church so he can feel the spirit. But every single sunday he volunteers to help his neighbors. He literally serves his neighbors every single day for hours but can never make it to church because of it. 

This week we handed out 72 He is the Gift Cards. We have gotten 7 new investigators from it. We think they seem positive so we are excited about that. In the zone, we have handed out the most! 

Not much to write this week! Looking forward to seeing yall this next week on Skype!!

Love You

Elder Corbett

Thanks for the write dad.It sounds like its going to be a great few weeks while the fam is over there. Mom asked for me to look for a nativity set so ive had my eyes on the lookout. also, tell her ive received the package today!! 

Its been a good week! i fasted a 24 hour fast on saturday and it was a great thing! i learned alot from it and we actually had some great success from it. Fasting is a great thing because it humbles us but also we save money on food!! haha

I think we plan on skyping at the church on some members computers. most of the internets will be closed on christmas day and it would be a gamble to use one of those computers.

I have been listening to alot of christmas music and everyone has trees and lights up but it doesn't feel much like christmas which in many ways is a good thing. When ever ithink of christmas here in my head before bed i always imagine us driving on Bellevue Way and pulling into the parking lot and stuck in traffic going up the levels. then going to pf changs which all the lights outside and wearing warm clothes. excited for christmas here but it will be awesome in two years from now. 

Thanks for the all the advise you've offered me! it really helps and i really enjoy putting into practice the things that you suggest. love you dad! miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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