Mission Conference

bacon is tocino!

It was a good week! Elder Duncan was great and I learned alot! Glad to hear the Seahawks are playing great! I'm thinking a 2-peat!! 

The language is going well! I haven't quite mastered it but i can understand almost 100%. I continue to learn vocab and grammar and review review review. 

With Elder Duncan we had like a 9 hour meeting. We started at 8am here and the choir started. We did well. Everyone was getting pumped like they were at a JBiebs concert. But once he started speaking it really turned back into a spiritual occasion. He spoke about how we need to get out of our normal routine. We can't expect to have success in all things if we do the same things over and over and over again day after day. It reminded me of when dad would recite the definition of insanity. One thing i really loved when he ended was he read a poem, i believe its called "He already passed through that". It was amazing. I told him about you guys and me and him spoke for probably 3 minutes. Every other misisonary would speak for 15 seconds. He would normally just ask where they are from but for me i was up there with him for 3 minutes at least. Apparently he lived on the plateau too. and mercer island. 

(The name of the poem i mentioned is called "He's been there before" by Elder Whittle)

We had a ward activity this week. It was awesome. A ton of people went and a ton of people brought nonmember friends. It was wonderful!!

Not much to write about because i will be skyping on thursday. Excited to see yall. probably about noon here wheich is 2 hours ahead!!

Love you!!

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