Wasn't sure if I should post this...

This is just the typical Andrew...you will see what I mean if you dare read....

Its been a good week!! Skyping may have done it!

Our dinner with the Perieras was sooo good. We had really good turkey with mashed potatoes and good bread. It was almost like i was back home eating in the states. 

I mentioned this on skype but let me write about it another time. So last weekend i was a little sick. I think i ate some bad chicken. So i was going to the bathroom a lot and after a few days i lost my patience so i called the nurses and told them about it. So what they did was give me a prescription to help and also set up an appointment with a lab to see if i have parasites... So i got the medicene and it made me 100% better... So i asked if i still had to go to the lab because i wasn't sick any longer and they said yes...So i went to the lab and was trying to go to the bathroom into a small cup but couldn't go... so i decided to make it a urin test instead of a poop test. So we left and then got a call from the nurses asking what happened... So they told me i had to go again. Apparently pee isn't good for poop tests... Who knew?? so i had to retake that test. but again, i couldn't go even after going to a pharmacy and buying a laxative so that i could go... haha. but my comp had to go. so he took the test for me. Now i have 2 more tests to do... so we will see how those will go.

In just a few days i start my Blackout year. 2015 is the year where i will not see US soil ever!! 

Not much to write!

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett

Thanks for the letter dad. Skype was really awesome and instead of making me homesick like all missionaries say that it does, it made me excited and made me realize how short 2 years really is. Sometimes on the mission, one thinks that their family is soo far away and questions if they are real people not just words in gmail. it reafirmed that yall are real people and that not a whole lot has changed back home!! 

I haven't thought about my new year resolutions yet. I need to give them some thought tonight for sure. 


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