One Month Down

Would love to be in a bigger temple on a day like today!! we just got back from the temple at the whole session took like 3.5 hours. they are so slow because they are under staffed. and the Guatemala City East mission was at the temple plus all the MTC Elders. It was a good session and was testing a lot of our Patience. all good though.
On Sunday, we watched Joseph Prophet of the Restoration. IT was amazing. so much better here than it is in your living room. The spirit was awesome with all the elders. I have a testimony that Jospeph Smith really was a prophet of God. Great movie. My favorite line was something like, "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" Its so true. This gospel is the most important thing and missionary work is very important.

This past week, my companion and i taught one of our investigators named Gabriel. It was our 4th lesson with him. we were going to put him on date to get baptized becuase he had said he wanted to and had been following his commitments. but as we started the lesson, he said that him and his family decided to be catholic because their relatives were being mean to them and bullying them for talking to the missionaries. they said because Catholic was easier. We didn't really know what to say so we bore our testimonies and shared a message about faith and then asked him to pray to know which church to join. he prayed in front of us. our next lesson with him has got to be powerful.

ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS!! So excited to get into the field. i've started getting nervous too. often i have butterflies in my stomach. sort of like before a lacrosse game. the anticipation and the unknown is exciting. but i'm going to miss my district and teachers here. I'll see both of my teachers at BYU when i get there and we are going to be tight i know it haha. Elder Stephens has quickly become one of my best friends. hes awesome and he's been through a lot. i just found this out this week but he has been a member his whole life but struggled with the church the whole time. His parents made him take the discussions this past year. After only 1 lesson that took 2 hours, he was truly converted. i'm excited to here the whole story. 

Our district has been tasked to memorize D&C 20:37 is spanish. apparently we will be required to memorize it in the field so we are doing it early. it is super long and will be difficult in spanish. 

Last night all the Elders in the CCM (90) gathered together in one room and sang hymns to celebrate the Elders who left this morning. IT is a tradition. We sang Called to Serve, Ye Elders of Israel, and Till We meet again  all in spanish of course. It was a ton of fun. we prayed at the end and then just sat there pondering for a bit. No joke it was probably 130 degrees in the room. i've never sweat so much. We all made jokes that that is what all the missions down here will be like except for Quetzaltenango where we will be cuddled up in sweaters and wishing we had hand warmers. Great experience and gets me pumped for two weeks from now. 

Love you and Miss you!!!! Think of you alot!!


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