He's off...and arrived!

 We got here and have started working on the language! I am just writing to let you know i'm here and all is well. thanks for the candy on the flight, it was helpful.
MTC companion is from Mesa Arizona. I got upgraded on the flight to an emergency exit row so that was cool. I am excited to start learning the language. The MTC President gave a really inspiration/pump up speech earlier so we are all really excited to get started. There are 46 of us new today. All just graduated high school. we were given 3 hours this morning to sleep at the MTC and just been going over basic things today. Pday is on Wednesday so i won't be able to write a long letter until then. Wish i had short sleeve shirts because thats all people wear and its warm because the AC is not set for cool. 

Also, they took all our cameras because there was an incident with missionaries being sent home with pictures they took so they just take cameras for the duration of MTC. so no pictures for awhile. Love you guys and miss you! I'll write next week when we have more time.

Thinking of you guys and hope the move is going great! Love you All!


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