Week 11...Life is Good

Life is Good.

Today, we went to Walmart and I ran into Elder Call. I was so pumped to see him. We were talking, and he is in a zone called San Francisco.... Lets just say, life is very easy here in El Bosque... His area, covers 15 miles.... only 250 houses in the area... He explained everyday as walking up to the BYU Y, back down, back up, and back down to get to everysingle house... hahahahaha. There are no stores there so they only buy food once a month... today. so in Walmart, he had his huge luggage and it probably weighed 75 pounds. His area is so far away, that tonight, they have to sleep in a random chapel because they can´t get to their area today. haha too funny. 

I was going through my bag to understand why i have so much stuff and i came across a ton of pills. in my mind i was thinking.... why would mom send me prescription drugs...? i was really confused because i was questioning whether after taking them, whether i would have to speak to President Smith about drugs haha. My curiosity led me to open them, and i was overcome with Hot Tommales, Sour Patch, and one other choice candy. It was frickin awesome. I devoured them at Conference on Saturday with the other Americans. Definitely worth the weight.

One thing i wish i had copies of, are the Reflections of Christ slideshows. They would literally be so perfect for Baptisms. We show these really stupid cheesy videos of New Testament stuff. I literally feel embarrassed about it haha. So if there is any way you could download them digitally and put them on dropbox that would be sick. I could put them on a USB.

This week, we went to a members house and i was surprised when their 5 year old son simply opened the door to their balcony and started peeing. He was just standing there bare bottom peeing. It was funny and the parents acted like it was a normal activity. We later then did service for this family. Which included us picking up all their trash on their balcony. I kid you not, the trash was probably 6 months old is some cases.  It smelled terrible. That lasted for almost an hour because of the abundance of trash. Felt good when we were done!

This last Thursday i went to a City called Cantel for Changes. I was with Elder Higley from Idaho. He only had 6 weeks more on the mission than me. And my spanish is better than his. It was fun to be with a white guy. we had a 15 year old boy come with us and help us with the spanish when we couldn´t understand or they couldn´t understand. He is an awesome kid and apparently goes with the Elders every day just because he loves missionary work. It turns out that my best numbers of my mission were on this day. With a companion who doesn´t speak well. Pretty stoked to get the language down.

The Temple was awesome. It is really big compared to Guatemala City. But a little smaller than Seattle. We were really lucky because this past week, the church was testing a new video. So we watched a video that was brand new. It was in Spanish for us but the video was incredible. Super excited to see it in English. After the temple, we went to Zone conference with the President. We heard the testimonies of 4 elders in our Zone who finish their missions next week. 

The name of the game here in Xela is Corte. Corte is the clothe that the natives wear. It is very colorful and pretty awesome. Elders buy corte bars and then have members make scripture cases, bags, purses, ties, and much more. So this week i invested in some corte. I sent a pic. Looking to get some awesome ties and cases out of this. Each bar of corte is 50 Quetzales.And then every tie is usually 30 quetzs. so its only about $10 per tie. so its way cheap. Some people have 40 ties. 

Conference was really awesome. My favorite talks were Elder Robbins, Uctdorf Saturday morning, and Holland´s. Really great messages and am excited to watch them and read them. If you could, tweet from my account a link to Elder Bednar´s talk. 
Something Donald can relate to, today, i got my haircut... best haircut i´ve gotten since the days mom would cut my hair. Just $2. so cheap. 

Loving it here. Changes are this coming Tuesday. We will see what happens. Life is Good.

Miss you guys!!!

Elder Corbett

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