Thinks he might become a cook??

Hola familia y amigos,

Probably the fastest week this week in the mission thus far. It was crazy how fast it has been. 

We have some investigators named Wendy and Candy. They are 14 and 16 year old girls. Their brother is a member and he is 18. But we have challenged them to be baptized probably 3 times. They always are unsure.. we asked why. and they said that they are afraid to leave the Catholic church. We believe that their older sister is poisoning them. I then asked them the baptismal interview questions and they have a testimony about everything we taught them. They literally told us that they believe everything we have taught them. We asked if they prayed about being baptized, and they said yes. They said that they felt peace during and after the prayer. Peace stronger than they have ever felt... but they don't want to leave the catholic church....

This week, something way cool happened. We were at lunch with Family Lopez. These are people that Amaya and I reactivated about a month ago. The man with one arm. But after lunch, i asked if there was anything i could do for them. they asked if we would pray for their son. their son is 19 and his whole life dreamt of serving a mission. but about 8 months ago stopped coming to church. and just turned a complete 180. so they asked me to pray for him. so i said a nice prayer for him with the family. Then on Friday, we saw the family with the son on the street. and were talking, and the son said he was coming back to church. he seemed way happy. he asked for a white shirt and tie so i gave him one of mine. It was just super cool to know that the Lord answered my prayer for him and the prayers of his family. 

This week, I gave probably 5 blessings. It is nice to give blessings and help the people. But the thing that was a little unsettling, was that 3 of the people had Dungei Fever. Dungei is no joke... people die from this thing... haha scary. 

So this week, i was speaking with some members and found out they speak really good english. i asked where they learned, and they said in the states. i asked why they came back and they said they were deported...haha awkward. i also found out that a few houses down from where we live, there is a guy who takes people through the border illegally... it costs 50000Q. So if worse comes to worse, i could just pay 50000Q to get back home. 

Today, i bought a big pancake griddle. I plan to cook freaking good pancakes as well as grill burgers and other meats on it. 

Love you!! miss you a ton!!!

Elder Corbett


one thing that i am really lacking is photos. can you figure something out to get me more pictures? i want them in my hands. whether a book or just send a lot of photos. i want family photos. photos from high school and of my friends as well as of the family. 

One thing is really want, is a missionary pocket book of references for scriptures. my comp has one and his is like 200 pages and has literally all topics. 

If you send a package, i want some US money just to look at.

my pics are on dropbox.


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