He still has a sense of humor

Dear Mom,

Sounds like all is well in San Jose and Seattle!! Super jealous of the Dallas game for sure. 

The griddle has turned out to be clutch. We use it everyday to cook pancakes, eggs, and i want to learn how to cook hash browns... 

So today we went to Walmart. But last night, in preparation, i had a dream that i was in Seattle. walking into Pike Place Market and i saw all the fish and fruits and flowers... then i woke up... probably because i was so excited. 
But Walmart was pretty sick. I got some Cinnamon toast crunch. I spent a lot of money at Walmart and now I'm basically out for the rest of the month... And i also bought a backpack so literally i think i have like 100Q left this month. So i will be taking off some money from my ole Gringo Card.

This last week we had interviews with President and his Wife. It was fun and all turned out well. He wasn't too mad about us leaving the mission....jk. President is a cool guy and his wife is super nice. so that was neat.

This week, we had an appointment with some super evangelical people. so during the opening prayer, they were also praying out loud which is normal for teaching them. nothing out of the ordinary. We then taught lesson 2 and they accepted it and really like it. But in the end, i asked the father in the house to give the closing prayer and when he did, it was crazy. he was already speaking loud then his wife who was also praying spoke loud so then he spoke louder and so on. it got to the point where he was like yelling and just repeating and repeating. it was so funny. i thought about joining in.. maybe next time. Ill just throw in some baby Jesus references just like Ricky Bobby would do. 

Last night we had what is called night of support with some families in the ward. it is something that people in Guatemala like to do. Its basically Family home evening but with several families. They do it several times a week with different families at different houses. But last night, it was across the street from our house at an investigators place. Their place wasn't too big but bigger than most. But literally we had 100 people pilled on top of each other in a 10x12ft room. It was so funny as people just kept coming. It is a pretty fun thing that really helps the members grow together.
Today on our way to Walmart, as a zone we were in a Microbus which is just a large van where the squish like 50 people into it. but my companion and the hermana from my area got pick pocketed. He got all his cards stolen as well as like 300Q. Its crazy because he didn't even feel the people go into his pocket. there were like 4 guys who all hopped on the bus together and then left together. pretty funny to watch. it would suck to be him.

Love you family!!!

Miss you!!!

To Do:

I would like to have more music of Hillary singing. so when you guys are in St George, please record more and put them on dropbox. at some point, i am going to send my iPod back home so you guys can put some church videos on it. like talks and all that. I have 14GB free on it. Also photos to be put on it. but i'll do that in probably a few months.


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