First package arrived

Whats up?

It was a good week today. Pretty slow. Our appointments kept falling through with these two guys. One of them is very interested in the church and is looking for truth in his life but he is always doing service at his neighbors houses during our scheduled lessons so we are never able to teach him. As well as this other guy who has been an alcholic for just like 14 years. But he has previously been taught by Sister missionaries in a neighboring zone. He was actually on date with them but he slipped and started drinking again. So we have been seeing him on the streets and he is always in tears because he wants to change but he can't. So we have been hoping we can talk with him and help him but he is never home. 

I got your package today!! Thanks!! It takes 2 weeks exactly to get here. So in the future, you should send packages like Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Because i don't get packages until like Monday or Tuesdays because the zone leaders always have to pick it up in the mission office. 

This week i finished the Book of Mormon in spanish. After reading like 10 pages a day out loud i have finally finished it. I have started to read it again in spanish. but this time in my head and marking scriptures with the highlighter from Deseret Book. The highlighter is going to run out quick. But i like to read it in spanish because i have to actually give effort to read it so i don't day dream while reading it like we all do when reading in english. 

The weather has been really hot lately. Like probably 90 some days. I don't enjoy it. I like Seattle weather not the sun. I sometimes feel like the guy in the Benchwarmers who is afraid of the sun. and the one time he went outside to get some Girl Scout cookies, he started screaming. "The sun is evil". 

This week we had a ward activity. Hawaiian night. It was fun. we had about 150 members attend. The young women did a Hawaiian dance and then we had games and stuff. We had a few investigators attend the activity and they had a good time. 

Yesterday was the primary presentation. It was not the same as the presentations in The ole Pine Lake Ward. They haven't really figured out transitions here yet. And the kids aren't nearly as funny. But it was fun to see and hear primary kids sing. The attendance at church was 266 people. This is a huge ward. The biggest here in the mission. 

This week we were going to go to a members house to share something and get some references. But we didn'treally know which house was hers. So we touched a door we thought was hers but it turned out it was someone else. So we turned it into a contact. We introduced ourselves and said we would like to show them the Mormon Message Thanks to Him or something like that in ingles. Its called Gracias a El in spanish... We told her it was like a 4 minute video about christ. The lady let us in her house because it was about christ and it wasn't too long. so when i opened my backpack, i immediately saw i didn't have the dvd... haha the only DVD i had was The Restoration. which is 20 minutes long and about Joseph Smith... So we popped that in. It was so funny. My comp and i couldn't stop laughing. Especially because she started whispering to her daughter, "how is this about Jesus". It turned out to be fine because the spirit was strong. But it was way funny. 

This week people have been starting to put up their Christmas Trees. I expect yall to put yours up soon. And i'm going to need pics.

Not too much this week. All is well down here!!

Miss you all!! Love You!!!

Elder Corbett

To Do: 
I have decided i am not going to send my ipod home. Just if you could, this week upload all the church music and christmas music and disney music (Frozen and all Disney) and put it on dropbox. as well as all songs that Hill has made. 

Also, if yall are ever in the Fresno mission boudaries and see a missionary, ask about Elder Periera. Its the family in my ward who feeds us a ton and gives us a ton. i was supposed to get his phone number and ward because he is close to san jose apparently. but i said that if he isn't too far, you all would take them out to dinner. beucase they get about half as much money as we do here and he doens't eat a whole lot.


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