Lets talk turkey

Dear Mom, 

 Sounds like a fun trip up in Seattle!! Thats too bad that Emma was sick!! scary! 

To answer your question about the weather, it is technically winter and all the natives say November and December are supposed to be the coldest months. it has been warm, but cold at night. Prob like 85 during the day and like 35 at night. way cold. During the days it has been way hot, just brutal sun, but still, we are 8000 ft up so its not that hot. but it is super easy to get sunburned here. after like 5 min outside without sunscreen, i am pretty red. 

As i told y'all last week, my comps wallet got stolen along with all his credit cards and id. But on Tuesday morning, we got a call from Pres. saying that someone handed in my comps wallet to him. And that we need to come pick it up at his house. And then 5 minutes later, we got a call from some women saying that they have the guy who they think stole his wallet and they wanted my comp to come and identify the guy. So needless to say, my comp was pretty nervous to go and identify the guy who stole his stuff because he didn't get a good look. but we went to the place where they told us to go and it turned out that it was a chapel by presidents house and the lady on the phone was just a family history senior missionary.... haha my comp thought it was a police officer and that they were recording his voice and everything... so that was funny when we went into the family history center and senior missionaries were just asking questions for fun...
This last week i have been having cinnamon toast crunch every morning for breakfast... it was crazy good. now i am on to eating fruity pebbles. i was able to buy them at Walmart. But the problem is that i usually will eat like 4 bowls so the bags don't last long.
This week i had divisions with the district leader in my area. He was just recently changed to be district leader in our zone from a nearby zone. It was an interesting day. I don't want to say anything bad haha. But we ended up having to leave 2 of the closest investigators we had to being baptized. The 2 girls denied baptism so we left them. because they also told us the had a testimony about everything and they know the church is true but they won't be baptized because of their fear of leaving the Catholic church.
This last week was almost as if my comp and i had meat in our pants because dogs would not stop chasing us and biting us... haha literally, one night we literally had 4 dogs chasing us and trying to bite us. it was like 745 at night and we were walking to our last drop in for the night when out of no where, dogs jumped out of a bush and just started chasing us barking and pissed. we were just standing there and when i saw it jump out of the bush i yelled and just booked it. we had to run all the way home and it turned out we couldn't leave the rest of the night because they all sat outside our house for the rest of the night... 
also this week a dog was attacking us and i hit it with my backpack and it attacked my backpack.. so i have holes in my new bag... 
also we were walking to Eluvias house when my comp just yells, "what the heck!!" and it turns out that a chewawa bite him on the leg hahaha
On Fridays here, Pizza Hut has a 3 for 1 deal. So we decided to do that for dinner. But it turns out we didn't have the right number for pizza hut so we did some experimenting. We thought there number was 1740 so we tried #1740... but it turns out that every number with a # in front of it are numbers of missionaries in central america. So it turns out that we called elders in the Cobon Guatemala mission.. they were actually kind of mad and confused so they kept calling us back and questioning us because they didn't believe we were missionaries. we ended up having to say the missionary purpose to them so that was funny.
On Sunday, there were like 5 white guys from the States at church. They were from Family Search. The Orem office. I asked if they knew haylie and they said they did. Haylie is actually working on something for the guy... so that was funny. such a small world.
Miss you guys!!! 
Love Elder Corbett

To Do:
There are some really awesome scripture cases here that are literally the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. but I'm not sure who in the family uses scriptures or which ones they use... so could you tell me which scrips people use and what size..
also, i need you to mail me like temple names. names ready for endowment. president wants us to use family names for when we go to the temple. but the temple here doesn't print.. it is probably fastest to send me mail through pouch.
          Dear Dad, 
I get along well with my comp. it is fun to speak english when we are home.
The spanish is really good. i feel great about it. i'll finish the Book Of Mormon in spanish this week. Ive been ready about 10 pages out loud everyday and will be done soon. We will usually walk everywhere we go,  but once or twice a day use a bus.  Its really just a large van with a ton of people in them. 
We have nobody on date because we just had to leave 2 investigators that didn't have a desire to be baptized. that was sad. so we don't have anyone who is really ready for baptism at this point. changes are in 2 weeks.
 We have never spoken in sacrament because our ward has 220 people on average in attendance. one of the biggest wards in Guatemala.
Miss you dad!! Love you!!!

Elder Corbett


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