4 Month mark

Whats up?

It was a good week this week. It was a full week. We had splits with the zone leaders as well as the district leader. Splits were fun. When the zone leaders came, i stayed in the area and Haller went to their area. It was awesome to get to be with the zone leader for the day and i learned a ton. It really set the standard high to become a leader in the mission. Then i had splits with the district leaders and i headed off to Cantel. That is probably the best area in the whole zone. It is like mountain and city. It is down in a valley with huge volcanoes at every side. 

With the zone leader this week, we taught an older gentlemen who is a life long catholic. We started to teach him lesson 1- The Restoration- and it quickly went and sidetracked. We started talking about baptizing little kids and it turned into a bible bash. it was actually funny. we had all the scriptures that back the truth about everything and he would read it and then deny it. he even got to the point where he said we shouldn't take the Old Testament literally that it isn't completely valid... so that was funny. haha

This week, we were doing personal study up on the roof because our house is really cold in the mornings. So we will read outside. It was completely overcast yet my legs got sooooo sunburned. You will see the pic in dropbox... it was crazy and so painful. 

This week we took a spanish test for BYU language department. It is an oral test that we do on the computer. it asks us general questions about our lives and about the mission. we had fun with it by saying super weird and awkward stuff on it. I feel bad for whoever has to grade our tests because they are just going to feel weird haha.

One really funny thing is when the district leader came for changes, he went through all my stuff since i was gone... so he went through the red mission spanish book that mom sent. Mom wrote a ton of sciptures and facts in the book of mormon. so one page says all these facts about the Book of Mormon and how many questions each person asks in it. haha so my comp told him i read the book of mormon looking for stuff like that. that i have a ton of forms that i tally as i read... so funny. 

This week, we were walking a street back home when a guy called us over. he started to speak in english and began to say, "ï am going to rob you. give me all that you have". he said it probably 3 times and i just responded in spanish, "öh sounds good. so we will see another time". It was so funny. because the guy was just a total wimp and in my mind i was just thinking, "what the heck does this guy think hes trying to do. im twice his size. if he even reaches a hand for me, im going to pop him in the face". haha

This week was the week of free rides. Probably 3 or 4 times, We were waiting for buses a few times and then people who aren't even members stopped their cars and honked for us to come get in their car. it was awesome that people notice who we are and want to help us!! 

There is a member in our area just a few houses down that sells food every night of the week out of her house. so we go a few times every week bcause its cheap and really good. but lately, they've been selling hamburgers. they are good burgers but way small. but anyways, we were in a lesson when we missed a call from them. so i was thinking that something was up because they never call but they ended up just calling to tell us they were selling hamburgers that night.... how crazy. it was so bizarre. they only like us because we buy their food i think haha

Just some quick fun points of interest...

*i hit 4 months in the mission yesterday

Thats all i got today!!

Love you and miss you!!!

Elder Corbett

To do-

Dad said you want to send another package... Some things i would LOVE is:
Costco LED flashlight (Small)
a nice Pottery Barn blanket. Everyone has a nice blanket from home and pottery barn blanket would be sooo nice


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