21 Months

Well I opened my email with a big surprise... My 'Plan de Relevo' was in my inbox... So that is pretty crazy that i already have that. Tomorrow i complete 21 months in the mission... Time is flying by. Next week you guys should receive my flight information. Please forward that to me as i am looking to do a few things with that to make sure im sitting by my buddies. 

Well this week flew by. On Tuesday we had leadership council with President smith and then Wednesday Zone meeting and divisions with the assistants. Then twice this week we had to travel to Nauhala to do a baptismal interview. It felt like we didn't have a full work day all week. But that was fine. 

In Council we talked mostly about The Week of the Family that is gonna take place next month. I don't know if it happens in the states but it is a big thing here. It starts off on Monday when every family should invite someone else to their family home evening. Tuesday Mothers day. Wednesday each building will offer a open house to come see the chapel and learn about all the organizations and stuff like that. Friday there will be a talent show. Saturday community service. And Third hour on Sunday there will be an Area devotional. So it should be a ton of success. Although last year i didn't really see any positive results from it in my ward, i heard that in some areas there were like 300 non members in the church. So that is why we are preparing so far in advance so we can all get the most out of it. We are gonna train the members how to invite all the friends and have a successful week as well. 

Divisions with Elder McLain were fun. Pretty low key. We did a lot of small service things. We stopped probably 4 times to help people. One time we carried like 8 10 yard rebar bars. I was positioned in the very front and McLain in the middle... So you can imagine he had all the weight. haha I was wondering the whole time why he was struggling so much... But when we finished i realized that he had all the weight. I was thinking in my head, "gosh, this is really light.... We probably could take more." When i turned around looking at him he was soaking wet with sweat haha way funny. But we found a positive family of 10 from that. They had gone to church when they were kids. We will be going back tomorrow.

We also went back to the Storage room men from Mazate. We touched the door and we shared another lesson. We proposed to have a big activity in the church with them that would involve a tour of the church, a small message, and then soccer and snack. They were way happy. So we will be doing that on Wednesday. We invited a ton of men from the ward and the youth to help us. It should be sick. 

Pretty low key week. This week we are gonna do divisions twice. tomorrow and Thursday. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Corbett


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