Slow Tough Week

Well it was a pretty low key week. Nothing too exciting. On Wednesday night we had the activity with all the men from Mazate. There is a photo or two of the group. There were 10 guys who came. Last week when i went to visit them with Elder McLain there were 15 men but this last week only 10 came up. It was a fun activity. We started off with a quick tour of the chapel. These men are construction workers and were really impressed with the chapel and how beautiful it was. It was cool to listen to their comments. For many of them you could tell that this was the nicest building they had ever entered in their lives. So that was way cool. We then went into the kitchen/relief society room to share a little message. We originally had planned to show parts of Meet the Mormons but that didn't work out because the dvd player doesn't work... So we showed a few mormon messages. I was the head guy there and the Bishop and I spoke. Afterwards we went and played soccer of the outside court. All the men had a great time with that. One thing that was neat is that there were like 5 brothers from the ward there too to play and meet the other guys. I was making sure all the members were talking with the nonmembers to encourage them and make them feel good about coming. I feel like they had a great time. I just hope that they go to the church where they live. They all said they live like 5 minutes away from the church walking.... So we will see. Even if just one of the guys and his familiy would go would be so cool.

This week the zone had a good week. Although there weren't any baptisms everyone worked hard and found a lot of new investigators and we all put as a zone 8 new baptismal dates. So that was great. We hope to have a big month in May. Tomorrow are changes. There are only 5 people in the zone with changes. Elder Zelaya and I are staying here together. I am going to kill Elder Zelaya and then somebody will come to kill me. So that will be cool. 

Toto is a realyl tough area. We are working crazy hard and doing everything we can. We have a family that should get baptized in the next few weeks. The husband is already a member and the wife isn't. She wants to get baptized. The only thing that holds her back is that they need to get married. The husband wants to make sure that she truly wants to get baptized before they get married. He doesn't want to get married just because she wants to get baptized but that it be because they truly want to get married. But I feel that they are close in deciding to get married. It has been a lot of fun to teach them. I was doing the math yesterday and in these last 2 changes, Zelaya and I have put 29 baptismal dates with 29 different people... That is a ton. 29 dates...0 baptisms. We are keeping our heads up and working hard. Thats all we can do!! 

Miss you guys and love you!!


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