The Next Justin Bieber

Well the highlight of this week happened on Saturday... Lets just say i am the new Justin Bieber here in Toto. I don't say this with a cocky attitude nor in a prideful tone, but a rather humble tone... Many times girls go crazy here when I walk by them. They all smiles and do these googly eyes thing... Sometimes they take pictures. I kid you not, at least a dozen times everyday i we walk by people and their whisper amongst themselves, "Look at his eyes... they are so pretty." Sometimes old women say it but normally high school age girls. Many times it happens when they are with their Boyfriends and then he gives me a dirty look and i just shrug back at him with a smile. This Saturday, all 4 of us Elders were walking through Central Park and a group of 4 girls all asked if they could take a picture of me... Of course as a person pleaser, i couldn't deny them their request. So i allowed them to take pictures with me. It was quite the experience haha. Just really funny. But lately i have been trying out new hairstyles in the search for the perfect one. I'm assuming the style i had on Saturday was quite charming. I am interested in knowing what yall think my style should be. I will be cutting my hair on Monday so i will need to know by next pday.

Well General Conference was sick. I especially loved Priesthood session and the two sessions on Sunday. My favorite talks just like mom, no joke, were President Nelson and Elder Christofferson. It is easy to see that the Lord right now is not happy with the men of the church and how they are treating their families. This conference they didn't talk much about Temple attendence, tithing, fast offerings, women and the priesthood, etc. But spoke strongly on the families and the duties of men. I feel that I especially loved when they spoke about priesthood authority and priesthood power. We may have the authority... but do we have the power. At that moment i received an impression that at some point in my life, my family would need my priesthood power. And after having a sister missionary read my palm... It seems like a big event is going to happen in my life around the time when i get 40 years... So stay tuned on that... 

But Conference was a lot of fun. We watched it with almost the whole zone. The gringos are always off in a different room watching it in English. There were 6 of us and it usually becomes a pretty casual environment... cracking jokes, debating doctrine, sharing stories, sharing candy, etc... 

This week is gonna be busy. Tomorrow we have Leadership council, Wednesday Zone meeting with the assistants and then afterwards we are gonna do divisions with them. I'm gonna be here in our area with Elder McLain. So im pretty pumped. I did divisions with him in Colo and we are good buddies so i am expecting a fun time... The last time we did divisions i convinced him to apply to BYU... and he did it. So let us see what i can pull off this time. 

Love you guys. Miss you!!

Elder Corbett


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