Listening to Promptings

Well we had a good week this week. It was Holy Week so all the Catholics here went crazy. It is full of processions, Jewish runs, Roman fights... the norm... well it was crazy. There was almost nobody in their home and a ton of people out on the streets. I had a ton of photos of it but a virus just downloaded on my memory... so there were all just erased. It has basically been the carnival here. Which was fun to have a ton of people in Central but tough for the work.

The coolest experience of my mission happened this last Tuesday. We had contacted a guy on Sunday night and put an appt with him for Tuesday night. This guy is from the Coast and is just working here building houses. He is here with like 20 other guys all from the same place. So we called him Tuesday night and he came out to find us. Once together, we started walking... after a few minutes I asked, "Where are we going?" He replied that we were on our way to the church. And we then explained we wanted to share a message with him in his house. He explained that he lives in a storage unit with like 20 guys. We said that was fine and that we would like to share the message with everyone. He went and asked permission and the men all said yes. So we  get in there and there are 20 adult men all huddled in a fairly large room. We talked with them for a few minutes and then shared the video Hallelujuah. We then talked about Christ's mission and his church. It was the sickest thing ever. I felt like i had my own congregation and that we were up there preaching. The men were way pumped and really enjoyed the message. We walked out of there so pumped up. We have another appt tonight with them all. 

We had another cool experience this last Tuesday. In the morning we went to our district meeting. We were just listening and then it was time to start doing role plays. The DL wanted to practice calling members to ask them to go out with us and explain what they would teach and all that jazz. So the DL was gonna show us an example. I told him instead of doing a role play as an example, he should do it for real and call a member. He accepted the challenge. So they decided to call this one sister in our ward. He called her and she was crying. The phone was on speaker phone so everyone in the room was in shock. Then the Elder went on to ask what happened. She responded that she was having an asthma attack and couldn't breath and had passed out a little before. She was home alone and way scared. So he agreed to immediatly go and buy her some medicine. Once he got to her house, she explained that the phone call was an answer to her prayers. She had prayed literally 2 minutes before we had called her that someone would call and help her. She thought she was gonna die and the phone call was an answer to her prayer. It was a neat experience to be involved in that and to listen to the promptings of the spirit. 

Love you guys!! Miss yall

elder corbett


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