Happy Easter

This week we had interviews with President and Sister Smith. They were great. I went in first with President. We spoke about the mission and what i've learned thus far and what i can do to have more success. Then we started talking about how other people who aren't members of the church see us as missionaries and members of the church. He was saying that we should develop quality relationships with the poeple all around. We should say hi to everyone. But beyond that, we could stop into stores and just talk to the people. Not even about the gospel necesarily. Always call them by name and talk about their family and about their life. People will start seeing us as friends. He said they will start opening their doors for us. So that was cool. We've tried to apply that and talk to people just as friends. He expressed his gratitude for my comp and i and for everything that we have done in the zone. He said that he is really impressed with all the interviews that he had and that all the elders and sisters are way happy and working hard.
Afterwards i had the interview with Sister smith. Well it wasn't much of an interview... We talked about two things... Souveneirs and BYU... haha it was a lot of fun and way chill.

Before i got here in Toto, Elder Zelaya and his comp were teaching the wife of a less active gentlemen. She had gone to church like 5 times and was gonna get baptized but just moved to Xela. But this last week, she and her husband moved back. So we are happily teaching them again. We want to reactivate the guy and baptize her. She has the desire to get baptized. But he likes to sleep on Sunday mornings... a little lazy. But we are working ahrd with them tonight.

I got an email from Sandra in Minerva. Saying that Marvin (the guy we baptized in Minerva) baptized his daughter last week. They are working hard and hopfully will be able to go to the temple in July. I hope they can go before i go home because i'll be able to enter with them. 

Yesterday a member of a different ward approached us and said he has a reference for us. One of his best buddies. So we made a lunch appt for the same day. So yesterday we contacted him and taught him. He is way prepared. He is way smart and could really help the church here in Toto. He doesn't go to any church and has really past for tough times. He is looking to better his relationship with God and find joy in his life. We are way stoked to teach him more. He already has the book of mormon and has read a good chunk of it over the years. 

Love you guys!! Miss you!

Elder corbett


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