Bless My Son

This week i was listening to the Nashville Tribute Band a little bit and listening to the songs i don't normally listen to. One of those songs is "Bless My Son". It made me tear up a bit because i imagine that is exactly what mom is doing. i also imagined that mom listens to that song a ton. It is now my favorite song that i have! We also downloaded the Youth Theme Album. It has a ton of great songs on it!!

Well this week was way busy. Here is a rundown...:
Tuesday- Council with President until 6pm
Wednesday- Zone Meeting and Meeting with the stake president and president smith. Also we did diviisions with Elder Call and Elder Claros
Thursday- Divisions with Elder Pace and Elder Whitney
Friday- Divisions with Elder Fris and Elder Lopez
Saturday- Finish divisions

Council was way sick this month. President spoke a bit about our personal studies. He mentioned that we will be a lot more efficient as missionaries and teachers if we are having spiritual experiences every single morning. He also spoke about the misisonaries. One thing that really touched me was that he said, "I am really worried about our missionaries". He said that because a lot of missionaries get down on themselves and lose hope because they don't see any success or progress. He said that we need to save the missionaries in our zones and help them be successful. They only have one shot to do the mission right so it is sad if they spend it without hope and without success. It is easier for a missionary who is baptizing to baptize. It is hard for a missionary who isn't baptizing to baptize. It is all because of the attitute that the missionary has. During the council we were called to teach 10 minutes. It was great. time flew by. It felt like we had been up there like 4 minutes when they were waving the 1 minute flag in the air. So that was nice. I was way pumped up afterwards. It is always fun and rewarding to do stuff like that because it allows you to reflect on your whole mission and look at the progress that you've made.

Elder McLain is the new assistant.

The zone meeting went great. Zone meetings should only be 90 minutes long... and we went 3 hours long... we had everything planned for 90 min but who knows what happened... It was a great meeting. We spoke a lot about making invitations to come to church. Because we have been having a hard time in the zone to get the investigators to come to church. IT was really awesome... Yesterday as a zone we had 25 investigators in church... That is a ton. We are really happy with it. 

One thing i love to do is challenge people to be baptized in a street contact... I just did it like 15 minutes ago. It was awesome. It is a ton of fun and it just pumps you up. haha Elder Nordblad was right there next to me. Right before i challenged her i winked at Nordblad and he just smiled and laughed a little. 

Love you guys and miss you guys!!! 

Elder Corbett


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