Ain't No Worries

This week we did divisions with the assistants in their area in Xela. It was fun. I was expecting something really special. I was thinking that as assistants they were gonna have a totally different way of teaching and everything but to my surprise it was the exact same thing. There wasn't anything special or different from what we do. So that was actually a cool thing in itself because it shows i have been working well during my mission. The highlight of course was when we bought dominos pizza to finish the night off.

I got a call this week that Carlos (the convert from Brasilia with a cane) died. He passed away. Apparently he was really sick. So that is sad. But the good news is that he heard and accepted The Good News before he passed away. It has been weird because a ton of people have died this week... A member in Colotenango, a primary girl here in Toto, a convert of one of my buddies, and also two more in the surrounding wards here in Toto... Everyone is dying. Who knows what is going on..

This is gonna be another super busy week. The first week of the month for us is always way packed. Tomorrow we have Council with President Smith and all the leaders... We were notified that we have to teach a little bit about making inspired questions during lessons. Then on Wednesday we will have a zone meeting and then in the night we will have our monthly meeting with President Smith and the Stake President. To top all that off, on Wednesday we are gonna do divisions here in Toto with Elder call and his comp. Thursday with another set of elders. Then on friday we are gonna go to Nahuala to do divisions. And on Saturday we will be doing divisions with Elder Nordlbad.... Then Sunday is just a normal Sunday. haha this will likely be the most packed week of my mission. I enjoy the added responsibilities but i always loved how chill life was before!! Just like Zac Brown would say it... Ain't no worrys. 

Toto has proven to be the hardest area i have ever had... It is definitely a trial of faith. I feel like i am working in the States or in England. Nobody wants anything and they aren't willing to even listen. I know there are people here waiting for us but it is super hard to find them. We are always thinking of different things to do. I was thinking of maybe renting out Central Park to put up a big screen and a projector and during market day show Mormon Messages videos and the zone could be contacting there with all the members too. That would be super cool and im sure the members would love it. 

Miss you guys and love you guys!!!

Elder Corbett


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