Lessons in Rejection

Well it was an interesting week that is for sure... haha. This week we receive a call from Elder Nordblad (right now he is a district leader here) and he told us that the sister missionaries had locked themselves in a room in their house and cannot get out.... l

et us just say we had a good laugh about that. The sisters had left the keys in a different room when they went to study and couldn't get out of the room. they were trapped. So we went with Nordblad to go rescue them. Hence the photos of Elder Nordblad scaling a 12ft wall. it was way funny. But that isn't the funniest part... Last night we received another call from Nordblad... Saying that the same sister missionaries locked their keys in the house and couldn't get in... It was 9pm. So what ended up happening is that Nordblad and his comp came over for a little sleepover while the sister missionaries slept at their house.. haha oh the joy of having sister missionaries in the zone..

This week it was more of the same as last week. This is a way touch area. It seems like everyone we talk to wants to fight with us... On Sunday we were contacting and having a good conversation with a guy about The Book of Mormon.. He was saying that we were saints for working so hard each day to help other people... Then he said that "If you were christians than you would inherit a great place with Christ"... haha In my mind i thought, "okay,... you have no idea what you are talking about bro". He then said that after this life we will understand the truth... referring to that one day we will understand that his church is the true church. 
Stuff like that happens literally everyday. It sometimes is a little funny but mostly not. I now feel bad for the missionaries in the states. After so much rejection i understand how they are feeling. 

But a cool contact we had this week was with a guy named Bonifacio. We started talking to him and he said, "I am prepared. I have been prepared". He had a ton of energy. Something i like to do when i am contacting is mimic the energy and the tone of the other person. This guy was all over the place so it was a fun contact... haha one thing led to another and i challenged him to be baptized and he accepted... We went to go find him on Friday and it seems like he doesn't want anything haha. A lot of times we find people who seem way positive but then the next visit they don't want anything... haha life.

I do appreciate this part of my mission because i have learned a ton. In my other areas i don't think that i have really had to experience rejection like here. It seems to be a Toto thing because a lot of people have the same experiences here. At the end of the day i am happy because we are working way hard.

Love you guys and hope all is well!! Miss you

elder Corbett


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