Moving On


I am changes tomorrow. Although it is not official, it appears i will be staying in Huehuetenango in the Brasilia Ward... I have mixed feelings leaving Colo. This week, i was actually hoping to stay here. I love the district and the other elders and the people here in this ward and area. It is literally so unique what we do here in Colo. A lot of times while walking in the middle of the mountains... climbing cliffs... running from crazy dogs in the forest... talking with people in a Mayan dialect... and you just wonder how many other missionaries in the rest of the world are having the same experience. It was sick. My next area will be pure city. Which is good for the reason that Dominos will be close.. but not nearly as many unique adventures in the forests and mountains of Guatemala.

The zone conference was cancelled again this week... Apparently Guatemala is in Orange Alert for flooding... I saw a map of the rainfall and there is a white hole where it isn't raining at all and that white hole is where i am at right now... Colo... But it was sad that they cancelled the conference. We are now 0/2 these last few months as a mission for General Authority visits...

So the zone the month of October brought 17 souls unto Christ through baptism. It was a great month. As a district, we had 10 baptisms. It was really neat. My companion and i had 2 baptisms. Some kids that wanted to get baptized but their families had been less active before. But we reactivated the families and baptized the kids. Good stuff. 

Tonight we will be saying goodbye to the majority of the families in the ward. They will really miss Elder Nordblad and I. We are both heading out and moving on. I woke up thinking this morning that i have changes for a reason. And only the lord knows those reasons. He has a plan for me and he needs me in wherever he has called me to serve through President Smith. I have 6 changes left so i hope to be in my next area for 3 changes and then die* in Momostenango or some other jungle.

Love you guys!! 

Keep it real.

Elder Corbett
*He doesn't actually mean die. It is mission lingo, it means it will be the last area he serves in before coming home. 


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