Well as you already know I had changes. I ended up here in Huehuetenango... the Brasilia Ward. My comp's name is Elder Yabarenna from Peru. I don't know if we took a photo together this week... But next week for sure i will make sur
e to take some pics. The area is cool. Pure city.. Which will be fine. I wanted to go to Momos but who knows, maybe i'll die* there. I expect to only be here 2 or 3 changes since i only have 5 more changes. This week i hit 16 months.

I'm still District Leader. The district here is struggling a bit but this last week we already bumped it up from where it was. There are only 8 of us in total. 3 companionship of Elders and a companionship of sisters. I share an area with the sisters here in brasilia. I did divisions last week with Elder Higley in Chinaca. It was funny because over a year ago we had done divisions together but in Xela. 

We have some great investigators right now. This month we should have 3 baptisms. One is a teenage girl and the other two are husband and wife. It is fun to teach them because they always have great questions even though a lot of times they are deep doctrine. It is interesting because the aren't asking deep doctrine to know it, but because they are actually at that level thinking about everything. I think they are gonna go down to Xela on Friday with the ward to go to the temple. The temple is 2 hours from here. 

Today i bought a blender from GNC. It is a lot like the magic bullet. Small but powerful. With limited time left i need to start eating healthier so i am going to start to make smoothies and also for breakfast i bought yogurt and other stuff. Join me in the diet before Hawaii 2016!!! My plan is in January i am going to start doing a bit more exercise. Just basic stuff!! 

Love you guys!! Miss you!
*die is his mission talk. It means it will be the last area he serves in before coming home. 


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