Be a Light and Example

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(Andrew didn't upload any photos this week so I am posting Lego Missionaries. So you get to look at this great picture.)
This week Sandra got baptized. She has been praying and fasting for the past 6 months so that her dad would give her permission. It was a great baptism. Her whole family came and watched. we gave them a tour of the chapel. This chapel is especially pretty so they really liked it. Sandra is 16 and anxiously wants to serve a mission. We are going to give her a copy of Preach My Gospel so that she can get ready.

Yesterday at church my companion and I gave talks and then i taught the Elders Quorum lesson. I spoke on President Monson's talk from Conference. About being a Light and an example. It was a good talk. The members here help us a good amount so that is always  nice. 

We have this investigator that had a stroke like 6 years ago so half his body is basically useless. He understands stuff but sometimes goes into modes where he stops thinking.. We will be walking in the church and then he will just stop and stand there with no emotion on his face. I am with him in every moment because i love him a lot. He walks with a cane too because he doesn't have much body control. So we always struggle finding members to pick him up and drop him off. But this week i we taught about the Book of Mormon. And then a different day i asked what he had read. And he gave a summary of the whole book of 1st Nephi... I was like... "What the heck. How did he read so much so fast....?". Then after some follow up questions, i realized he had just read the Book header on page 1.I just started laughing to myself about how funny it was. Then on Saturday again we asked were he was reading. And he had read the first 4 verses on 1st nephi because he didn't know he had to turn the page. It is always fun to go with him because he actually knows a ton but sometimes he does stuff that is just so funny. He is getting baptized the 5th of December. 

This week was fun because we had 17 lessons with member. Which is a ton. This week we are going for 20... Wish us luck.

Love you all!!

Elder Corbett


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