What a week. We had interviews with President, Wedding, and the baptism! Another area in our district also had a wedding and baptism so we went and helped them with that. It was a busy week.

Thursday we had interviews with President. Usually people are always way nervous for interviews because they are scared of getting macheted. But we all in the district felt confident and didn't worry much because we are all doing it right. It ends up that president bought just our district pizza from Dominos becuse we are doing so well. It was sick. So we all ate dominos together. Then we got our interviews. I walked in and we talked about the area for like 2 minutes and then he said, "What would you like to talk about?" I told him i wasn't expecting him to ask that and i had nothing to talk about. It was a low key interview but it was cool. 

The wedding and baptism were pretty freakin awesome. I conducted the wedding so that was cool. Not many missionaries can say they married people on their mission. It was cool because after the wedding Edwin started crying which was an awesome testimony that he is truely happy. Baldomero came to the wedding also which shocked us all. But way happy he came. He told people that he wants to keep coming to church and that he wants to get baptized. Elder Nordblad took all the photos so there is some great stuff that i think you'll like. 

Yesterday in High Adventure Sunday all the priesthood went to go dedicate a house. Since we didn't have a translator, we went with them. It ended up being an hour truck ride up the mountain.. It was literally the most  crazy thing in my mission. We saw some sick stuff and a huge city on the side of a mountain behind our area... we didn't know it was there and it might be twice as big as Colo. I took a ton of photos of it so i can track the route from the GPS coordinates. 

Thats what happened this week. And i think Hillary is only going to have boys!! Donald will only have girls. and i will have 2 and 2!! Haylie will probably have only 1 girl and rest boys.

Love you guys!!


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