Santai (How are you? in Mam)

All is well here in Colo. We had a good week this week. Way busy. This week Elder Wright had to take some poop sample tests in Huehue 3 times this week. So He hardly worked in his area at all. To help Elder Nordblad i offered to make 2 of the trips down to Huehue and my comp took the other trip. So this week, i traveled alot with Elder Wright. Right now actually, i am in Xela because my comp went down to Guatemala. We had to leave church early yesterday to get here and are probably going to head back up to Colo tomorrow morning. So we are sleeping with the secretaries. 

This week a member told us that he wanted to go contact with us a new aldea that the elders had never gone to. So we went and to our surprise, there are a ton of people who live there and there is only one church there. So we are hopeful that we can find alot of good families there. It is called Twikchian. That was really exciting. This week we are going to be going there a few times to contact more and find more poeple. It is just a little bit far out. it is about a 30 minute walk. 

This Saturday Edwin is going to get baptized. He first has to get married to his wife and then his baptism will be after. I am super pumped because i will be doing the marriage ceremony. So i will be marrying them and my comp will baptize him. He is super excited. Arturo and his family are still thinking whether or not he wants to get married. He wants to but his wife doesn't seem like she really wants to. Baldomero hit a wall this week when he spoke with an ex member and the ex member filled him with lies. I believe that he will still get baptized with his son just in a little bit. He knows its the right decision to get baptized and his wife isn't letting him forget it either. 

All in all it was a good week. I am excited for the things we did last week and see how they play out. One thing i have really noticed here in Colo is that i feel a lot more emotionally involoved in the investigators. I really want them to make the right decision. Sometimes we come home at night really discouraged but we always remember that everyone has their own agency to choose what they want to do. And that we are doing everything we can as missionaries to help them make the right decision. its just frustrating that people don't understand how blessed they will be if they chose to get baptized and join the church.  Imagine how God feels with us when we use our agency in ways that aren't right. PRobably alot like we feel toward our investigators. haha

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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