I love the people

Question of the week...

Q.   When did you know you loved the people?
A.    I found out I loved the people when I started thinking of ways I could serve the people just to help them and make them happy. Sometimes I just buy food for the them so that they are happy, or a lot of times I literally find that I want their salvation for them more than they do for themselves, so I find myself thinking about the people and how I can serve them better. 

Un ano mas... Well yesterday i hit what we call fecha de salida. We go home like 18 days early so yesterday was my exit date. so what that means is that in literally 1 year from today, i will be with you guys!! Get pumped. Yesterday while we were at church in Ical... just sitting there in sacrament meeting not understanding anything because it is all in Mam, i was thinking that in one year, mom would be rubbing my back at church. Needless to say, kinda excited.

This week was a good week. But I have been a little short on patience this week but i don't know why. Let's just say that this week I gained a strong testimony that Satan is real and that whenever we try to get closer to Christ, Satan and his angels work harder... This Saturday there was a baptism in the chapel and we had invited a lot of investigators to go. Also a key guy who lives in one of the villages that was super helpful when he was active. He has been inactive for like 6 years, but we have been working hard with him because he is the key to this whole village.When he comes back, everyone else will too. So back to the story. Investigators came, and so did the less active. During the baptism, there was a youth activity at the church for the whole stake... so one thing led to another and like half of our investigators and the less active got accused of stealing a Samsung Galaxy... It was just a terrible scene. A lot of the investigators are definitely feeling the temptations from Satan. It was tough week for that.  
Everyday this week I felt like Satan had literally looked at our daily plan and moved in an hour before us to cause damage. I would assume that is why I haven't had patience with the people. 

This week a few times I had the opportunity to go and play the piano. I would really like to play one of my songs up in Ical. I think they would really enjoy it!!

Love you guys!! All is well!!

Elder Corbett
whats up papa. 

a little sad this week because Elder Nordblad had a interview with President Smith. Found out his dad had a heart attack. and is still in a coma. He is on life support,  appears to be doing better now, but way scary for Nordblad. 

Good Luck on the diet. I've always been preaching to drop the soda. 

The temple trip went good. Full bus! What was cool is that normally the young men wear like tee shirts to church and don't want to pass. They sit on the back row and all that but this Sunday they were all wearing white shirts and ties and really excited to pass. There was actually extra up there. They just all wanted to sit together on the front row. Cool stuff.

Love you dad!! Miss you!! in 366 days (leap year) we will be together here in Guatemala!!


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