Whats up yall?
Solid week this week here in the ole Colotenango. Let's just say that this may have been one of the hottest weeks of my mission temperature wise... the mix of the heat and the fact that my shirts smell like a clorinated swimming pool had country music playing in my head all week. As a district on Friday or Saturday we were sending texts back and forth with lyrics of the country songs we were all listening to. needless to say, it was a solid day.

There are some really sick members here in this ward. There is an older couple, converts of like 4 years, that left with us every single day this week for maybe 4 hours each day... to help us translate. Their names are Bonofacio and Maria. They love leaving with us and helping us translate and all that. Sometimes they even go all the way out to Ical with the other elders which is as i said, is literally just a side of the mountain.
(I think when he says "left" it means they went with us or helped us)

Baldomero is doing well. He is the guy who we found contacting. His wife is less active and wants to return to the church. and he told us that he didn't know his wife was a member before. and if he had known, he would have been baptized much sooner. Everytime we come to his house he is always saying how much he has been blessed by our visits and how his life has been a ton better since we came. He wants us to go visit his parents. he is on date to be married and baptized the 18th of july. he just has to assist a little more. 

Artulo is the dad in the other family we are teaching. his wife as well is a member. artulo wants to change his life he just sometimes gets a little discouraged. so we always try to get him pumped up and make him happy. he came to church yesterday. he has been reading the book of mormon. good guy...

Yesterday in Ical a lot of people from the stake came to help out the branch. We had a meeting with the branch president to help give assignments and callings to the recent converts. we saw a list of the recent converts from the last 2 years and almost none of the men have the priesthood. lets just say that Ical needs a lot of help... Nordblad and I could have it shaped up in maybe 2 months if we were the branch presidents. 

not much to write this week. love you guys!!!

Elder Corbett

A note to his dad....

Yesterday we were at church in ical and the youth had planned to go to the temple on Tuesday for the first time ever. The cost to go was Q50 each, to make the 3 hour trip. Only 3 out of the 18 youth were gonna be able to go because nobody could pay the cost. So I said that I would pay the bus so that every youth can go. So you will see that I took like $100 more or less off of the card. It just doesn't seem right that the youth would miss the opportunity to go to the temple to do baptisms.  So now they will all be able to go. I told the branch president that I want to bus full, if there aren't enough youth to go, I told them to fill it with adults so as many as can go, will go. 

love you dad! I knew that it is what you would have done!

Elder Corbett


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