Blessings and Miracles

Just seeing a screenshot from my computer makes me way happy. I miss Apple... Definitely excited to get my hands on my apple gear in a year... haha

this has been a week full of blessings and miracles. In our house, we have a little 1ft by 1ft white board that we write the names of our investigators and their baptismal date. And lets just say that comparing the board with 7 days ago right now, there is not one similar name. This last week we dropped everysingle one of our investigators for all their individual reasons. Mainly because they aren't willing to act according to what they know to be right. But we will continue passing around every once and a while. But the new names that fill the board are all miracles. We right now have 5 families... And all 5 families need to get married. But luckily, the stake president is a lawyer and marrys our investigators for free. All of the investigators are really positive people. 3 of the families are families where the mom is a less active member for like 20 years... And they want to return to the church. So we are teaching their husbands and children. The biggest miracle of my mission may be that this Sunday (Stake Conference in Huehuetenango... 1 hour away), we had 10 investigators go... Thats a lot! It was so cool that they all went. We had invited them all to go and they all said they would but normally as all misisonaries know, they don't normally come. But they all came!! 

So yesterday was stake Conference as mentioned. It was in Huehuetenango. About an hour away. As a ward we rented 2 large school buses to take everyone down. We filled the buses. The messages were good even though the 1st counselor just wanted to machete everyone. Cool day. We also went to the priesthood session on Saturday. That was good but the best part was the dominos we ate after the meeting. 

This week Elder Nordbald and i were just waiting outside on the street for one of their investigators to come out (we were on divisions) and a drunk walked up to us. We were talking for probably about 30 minutes just for fun. Drunks always walk up to missionaries so its sometimes fun to talk to them and see what they have to say. Because they always start crying and all that fun. But at the end of the llittle chat, haha i gave him a restoration pamphlet and put him on date for baptism and his whole family. haha we haven't been able to find him or anything but it was just fun to chat with the guy.

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett

A note to dad for Father's Day....
thanks for the letter dad. Love you !!

Often when i am walking the streets here i am thinking about things you and i did before the mission and i regret not spending more time with you and mom. I often think in my mind when i am with members or investigators, "what would my dad say to these people so that they can feel loved?" Needless to say, your example has shaped who i am. I love you paponwa and am excited to do big things with you after the mission (Kilamanjero) and to continue to walk in your footsteps. You've also challenged me in this last letter to memorize Section 121... Thanks... haha. Miss you!!


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