Prepare ourselves...

Pretty good week this week! This week we had a multizone conference in Huehue. It was the best zone conference by far. The morning was dedicated to speaking about the spirit. We spoke and listened to alot of talks about how we need to teach more by the spirit. There were a lot of good thoughts said. One thing is specific that i really liked was what President Smith said, "instead of spending time preparing lessons, we should spend time preparing ourselves to receive revelation". That was more or less the theme of the conference. That we need to listen to the spirit more and act like robots less. 

This week we did have the baptism in Ical! The father and his two children! Way cool. We married them before the baptism and had the marriage translated into Mam. A lot of people turned out for the wedding and baptism. Sunday Elder Nordlbad and I spent 2 hours in church up in Ical on the computer entering in all the baptismal papers. The people in the branch have no idea how to use the software of the church so we pounded it out. I also cleaned up all their records a little bit. 

On Friday I believe it was, we were just standing their talking to a less active member out side her house and a dog just sneaked up to me and tried to take me down by the ankle. I had been watching it for a little while and it was just walking really quietly and normally like it wanted to be petted but then it lunged at my leg. luckily i have the reaction speed of a mosquito and i was able to dodge. But the dog got hold of my pants so now there is a big hole by the ankle of my brown pants. One thing i have noticed this week is that Satan has had more power over the dogs. haha. we have been attacked a lot more than usual... Stupid Satan

This week we were contacting houses with a member in a village and went by this one house. We taught a lesson. the mom told us she was a member. But stopped going and now is married and has 4 kids. The husband has some drinking problems but wants to change. He wants to join the church. The cool part is that the wife had had a dream the past week that she was back in the Mormon Church and she was taking the sacrament. Then she gave the sacrament to her husband and to her kids. So we are going by there tonight with some members!

Thats it! Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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