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Pretty good but hectic week. This week we started to work in a village in our area called Buena Vista. It is maybe a 25 minute walk to get there but there are a ton of people and less actives who live there. The majority are less active people and all have kids who aren't members. We would like to reactivate a lot of the families out there. The people out there weren't able to come to the Meet the Mormons movie night for the walk and the time of day so we plan in the next few weeks when i get the 2 copies yall sent to take the movie to them and project it in the little community center out there.

A funny thing this week that happened over the span of 4 days is that this dog followed us everywhere. He walked as if he were our third companion. Side by side with us. It was funny because he walked literally everywhere. We walked like 30 minutes out of town and he went with us. And while we teach he waits outside or sometimes would come in with us and then leave with us. We joked that is was a guardian angel protecting us from other dogs and other mischief. 

This last week i started to memorize a scripture a day. I am now at day 7 with 7 scriptures down. It really isn't hard at all to memorize scriptures. Obviously i am memorizing in spanish. It is fun to memorize the scripture and then use it in a lesson later. The goal is to memorize a scripture a day for the rest of the mission. That would be basically 390 sciptures..

This week the other elders had a wedding and baptism of a couple. It was a lot of work for all of us. We had to drive down to Huehue (the biggest nearest city about an hour away) to get the papers from the lawyer. Elder Wright was able to do the actual marriage ceremony. So that was funky. Cool baptism and a lot of our investigators went and felt the strong spirit that baptisms bring. 

You asked me what the ward is like here... Colotenango. To be honest i have never been to this ward... haha every Sunday I go to the branch of Ical with Elder Norblad. So i don't know much about the ward on Sundays. But the people are really sick here. They are always wiling to go out and teach with us and translate. We usually need translaters every day. It is really different to have translaters because you have to teach really basic. Because the translater itself doesn't know spanish super well...

This week on High Adventure Sunday we walked the most i have ever walked. Just climbing mountain... This weekend we have a baptism up there of 4 people. We are baptizing a man an his two children. The mom is already a member. So we are gonna baptize them and also going to marry them. So that will be cool. We went to Huehue today again to get the papers. This baptism is Elder Nordblad and mine. We have taught them all the lessons and been the only missionarys that they know. It will be way cool.

It was a good week!! Love you guys

Elder Corbett


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