Moving Apartments

Busy week this week with all sorts of stuff. First off, due to the fact that our house was the most chafa (junk) house you could imagine we moved. The house was known throughout the whole mission as the worst... haha the roof was of lamina (steel strips) so when it would rain or even be windy, it would sound like a hurricane going on inside our house. needless to say, here with the torential downpour, it was miserable while it lasted. And it wasn't a sealed building meaning that there was a foot gap between the roof and the walls. so all sorts of animals would get in the house.. cats, toads, every spider imaginable and bugs. But our new house is way nice. its huge. it has 2 bathrooms, 4 rooms, kitchen, garage. way nice. The only thing is that we don't know how good the water pressure is yet because this past week there was no water in all of colotenango because the pipes burst in the city. So we will see. hope the pressure is good.

On Wednesday we showed Meet the Mormons. IT was awesome. Afterwards everyone was talking and saying how good it was and how they all want copies. we had pretty good turnout and we plan to do it again in like a month or so. but the problem is, my disc is way scratched. when we were watching it a few weeks back at a members house, their dvd scratched the crap out of it so now it pauses alot... so it would be really nice if you could send me like 2 more copies of it ASAP. maybe just in an envelope. I don't even need the cases just buy like some invidual cases for them. 2 copies so i have a backup or so i can give it to people. everyone here loves it. 

There was a mothers day activity... 3 weeks late. but the relief society had an activity and asked us 4 missionaries to perform. so we did like a 10 minute long skit. it was a lot of fun. the turnout was way good. there was probably 40 women there. Everyone made it out for the activity. They all loved our skit and love us now. 

One of our investigators Yolanda has a baptismal date for the 13th but is having a few doubts and doesn't feel support from the member family she is living with. But it was hilarious this week. So the thing with this lady is that she always has dreams after she prays to know if the church is true. She has had 6 dreams so far. all different and all confirming the church is true. but she doesn't recognize it. Here is the dream she had last week: There was a big crowd of people in the clouds gathered around my comp and I. They were waiting their turn for us to give them a cupcake each. And when they got it, they would savour every bite of it. And they were really happy. She was just watching from a distance. But somehow was able to eat some crumbs. She said from what she ate, it was the most delicious thing ever. And that after she just felt different and full and felt a heat over her body. 

Yesterday for High Adventure Sunday in Ical, we ended up giving talks in church. They asked us to talk about service and helping in the Work. It was fun. i like giving talks. Especially to congregations that don't speak spanish haha. no stress at all because the only one who can understand you is your Comp. But Ical is so sick of an area. Its the side of a huge mountain... Tiger mountain size and just the side of it. The people walk 1.5 hours often to get to the chapel... And we saw a tithing slip yesterday for 5Q which is not even $1. People sacrifice a ton in Ical to be members of the church and they are the hardest workers members ive ever seen. 

Good Week. Love you guys

Elder Corbett


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