Busy Week

This was a good and busy week. Probably the most busy week of my mission. We had a ton of lessons and met a ton of new people. We found 2 new families to teach. They seem really receptive and looking for the true church. Right now we have 6 people on date to be baptized. The first time we teach people a lesson we challenge them to be baptized to see if they are prepared and willing to do what we invite them to do. We normally say something like, "if you receive an answer that this is the true church and that everything we have taught is true, would you prepare yourself to be baptized the.... of ....?" we are asking if they would be baptized IF they receive an answer. And sometimes people say no... how weird is that. But by asking we can find out if they are really willing to follow christ. 

Sundays are days we always do divisions and i call them High Adventure Sundays. Yesterday Elder Norblad and i went up to Ical. We went to all 3 hours of church there and hardly understood anything because it was all mam. At the end of the day we figured we had hiked like 8 miles but climbing a huge mountain and going down it and vice versa several times. We did serious work in Ical yesterday. We had 6 lessons with member, 4 other lessons, 4 contacts, 4 news, put 2 on date, and taught 7 less actives... It was the best day of the mission by far because we held nothing back. We went all in. We had a few miracles while we were there. We went to a lesson with like 12 priesthood holders to contact a reference. We got there and showed the video John Tanner. He then told us that he had had a dream that there was one true church. and he saw the church in the clouds but couldn't identify what it looked like. But that the church could heal his sickness. So then we testified and it was way powerful. My mind was clear and the words just came out. We put him and his son on date for the 27th of June. He is excited to go to the church. I felt prompted to promise him that when he walks into the chapel he will know with a surity that this is the church he was looking for. 
My favorite part of being a missionary is having the ability to make promises to people as representatives of Jesus Christ. 

Love you guys!!

Elder Corbett  


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