Basketball is no Bueno

Not too much new this week. But we should have 2 baptisms this weekend. So that's cool. President Smith is going to have to come up to do the interview on Friday. (Literally as i typed this line he called me to confirm haha). It is a family that is going to get baptized. Husband and wife. they have a rough past and are going through a ton right now.... It is really tough. But it will be a great day for them.
If everything goes as planned we should baptize the next 4 weeks straight. So that's neat... Yesterday all of our positive investigators went to church. It was awesome that they came. The district is doing fine. We are working to have more success. Every area is having more success as the weeks go by. Today we had our district activity and we just played basketball because there isn't anything else to do... I don't love basketball but it was fun. 

This week i have been eating healthy and eating less instead of always filling myself up and i feel great. I can actually notice a difference in my waist when i put on my pants. It is making me want to start lifting weights but there isn't a gym in my area... We will see how i do it. 

This week there has been a focus in the mission to teach all our investigators about repentance. But go in depth. We are doing this to make sure they truly repent before getting baptized and so they stay active in the church afterwards. 

nothing new today! But i am way excited for Christmas!!!!! I love the holiday season!

Elder Corbett


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