Pizza leads to Baptisms

It was a good week. We had two baptisms. A family. Husband and Wife. Their names are Eber and Roxana. They are a great family and will be very strong in the church. In two weeks they are going to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. It was funny because yesterday we went to the family history center here in our chapel in Brasilia and looked up a lot of their ancestors. It turns out for most of them the Work is already done. But they are really pumped to fill their tree to be as big as mine. 

Yesterday there was a all Guatemala Stake Conference Broadcast. It was from Salt Lake. Elder Bednar spoke. It was awesome. He spoke about Faith, Sacrifice, and Consecration. Some really great words. Also Elder Milton spoke and it was actually really perfect for the people here. He spoke on how we need to help reactivate the people. He spoke about missionary work and everything. It was a great conference. It felt a little like General Conference so that was fun. 

Today we had our zone activity. We went to the Mayan Ruins in Zaculeu here in Huehue. Then we went to McDonald's and then to the supermarket. I feel way tired. But that is fine. 

This week i think we bought pizza like 4 times... i'm a little tired of pizza at this point. But on Tuesday, i invited Eber and Roxana to pizza. It was 2 for 1. But i felt prompted that i needed to do it. Later that night they told us that they for sure wanted to get baptized and that they were ready. So we

could say that Dominos is a miracle worker. Roxana and Eber don't have any money. Like literally nothing. They are selling all their items so that they can get more money to pay for food and a place to stay. It is possible that they are going to go to Guate this Thursday to live.... that would be sad but it may be what they need. 

I need ya'll to send me a $5 bill. A NEW one. The reason is that i traded an elderly man for 2 .50Q bills. Here in Guatemala like 20 years ago, they had bills for 50 cents... They obviously don't use them anymore and are super rare. This guy had a ton so i traded him 2 with the promise that i would give him a $5 bill. a new one. Because if i remember right, they look pretty cool. If you can't find a $5... a $2 bill would be legit. But i don't know if you have any of those!! Hunt some down!!
That is really awesome that ya'll are reading the Book of Mormon. What we always teach is the importance of the Book of Mormon. It is so important for us as missionaries but also the investigators to understand that the Book of Mormon is the center of our religion. If people want to know that this is the true church, all the must do is read and pray about the BOM. We have some cool things that we give our investigators. One is "Questions of the Soul". These are questions that people may have and then it tells them where it is located in the BOM. It is great!! 
Love you dad! Thank you for everything!! I am getting into the Christmas mood! This week we hung up some lights inside our house by the big window we have! Everyone can see. One thing a little sad here is that there are a ton of people who don't celebrate Christmas. They are Christians but are from Evangelical churches. they believe all holidays are from the devil and all this balongnie.... But i am proud to tell them that we celebrate Christmas.

Love you Guys!!
Elder Corbett


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