Well tomorrow are changes... And last night i got a call from President. He called me to be a Zone Leader. So i have changes. I don´t have an idea where i am going but we will see tomorrow. It seems like half the zone leaders have changes so it could literally be anywhere... I know it won´t be here in Huehue. So either Xela, Toto, Quiche, or Momos... I am hoping for Quiche or Momos... That would be way cool. I am excited to be a ZL but also a little nervous/intimidated. I know it will be great and i will learn a lot. So overall l am happy. But that means i won't finish the training of Elder Fuentes... But thats fine.

This week we had a good week. We have a family here progressing well. It is a husband and wife and their two children. They came to church yesterday. I know they will get baptized. They just have to get married first. But no problem. 

On Saturday, all my converts here in Brasilia went to the temple to do baptisms... Which was really rewarding to hear about their experiences and how they felt. It was cool because Eber and Roxana were telling me how they were really looking forward to getting sealed in the temple within a year of their baptism. That will be awesome once they get sealed. 

The district here is doing great. Everyone is working hard and having success right now. We will see where i am headed next... I have a feeling Momos. It won't be in a village but in the town... I think so because i have already been in villages so i have some good advice and experiences to share with other people. But we will see. 

Love you guys!! Miss you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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