Dont Lose Hope

I have faith that the Hawks will be in the Super Bowl!! Have Faith and all things are possible!It was a good week. A little slower because about half our investigators were gone doing other things. I did divisions with an area that is really struggling... It was tough out there... I feel like if i was in that area i would lose hope fast. It was weird because the people just don't like the missionaries. The ignore them and don't really ever say hi. I think they are going to close that area next week because it hasn't had a baptism for like 8 months... But we will see.

The district is doing well. We now have 14 baptismal dates. 6 are ours. This week my comp and i hope to put some 4 baptismal dates more. This next week will be exciting because President Smith told all the leaders to expect huge changes in the mission this change... He is going to change a ton of areas and change where the leaders are... We are all anxious for it to be Sunday night already so we can get the news. 

I like the area here but i wouldn't mind having changes to go to some aldea in a mountain... There just isn't anything like Colotenango.... I want to go back to an area like that... I wouldn't mind opening Ical... or some area in Momostenango. I have a desire to teach the Lama

nites... And they aren't here in Huehue nor Xela... They are in the mountains. After reading this book called Pioneer of Guatemala, I only want to be with them. As we read in the title page of the Book of Mormon... it was written FOR the Lamonites. So i would like to fulfill the prophecy's in the Book and preach the gospel to the Lamanites. 

Miss you guys and Love you!!!

elder Corbett


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