Happy New Years!

Well Christmas is over... But the Holidays haven't ended yet... We are halfway there. This week is likely going to be a lot like the last week (Not a whole lot of people home). With New Years people go to the Coast and to the beach. 

Even though this last week was tough to find people in their houses, we found some really great families. I am actually super excited about it. Some other Elders from a nearby area gave us a reference for a girl who they had been teaching and who had already gone to church like 3 times. She has a baptismal date for like the 23rd of January. So we were going to her house to talk to her. We touched the door and her sister in law answered and said excitedly, "Elders!! Ive been waiting for you!" We weren't sure what she was talking about but we just played along. We started teaching her and her husband. they had a ton of questions and were really excited to learn. We ended up basically teaching all the lessons because of all the questions that they had. We challenged them to be baptized and they accepted. Super pilas. 

As New Years is approaching, i am making a lot of goals. In the Ensign of March 2015 there is an article for the Young Adults about goals. I am currently in the process of making a 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr goal/plan. The subtopics are: Physical, social, financial, spiritual, mental/academic, and things to do. It is a lot of fun. The General Authorities are always saying that return missionaries often have no plans or goals for the future. So i am going to take their counsel and make goals and plans!! 

I will let you know about my new years resolutions next week as i am not 100% sure yet.

Love you guys!!! 


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