Letter from Kian

Thanks for the letter dad! Some great thoughts. I love the quote by Michael Jordan. During high school i rarely felt pressure or stress so it is good to start feeling it now to help me in college and in life when it comes. 

What i have seen is the best way, like you said, to get rid of pressure is to take it head on. By working harder and harder. My comp and i have been working hard. There is a scripture in 1 corinthions i believe that says more or less that God won't give us more than we can take. 

 Thanks for everything you do. In Kian's email he wrote something i really liked: 
My Mission President, President Slaughter, wrote us this letter today... 

When our children were much younger, they loved seeing presents under the Christmas tree. The idea of receiving a new toy filled them with great anticipation. Sister Slaughter would worry about getting them something that they did not already have. I did not have the same worry. I noticed that in their closets, the children had stowed away most of the toys that they had received in previous years. I announced to my wife that I was thinking about simply re-wraping their old toys and re-gifting them, thus saving a lot of money and time.

Sister Slaughter thought that my plan was mean. I thought it was genius! While my wife went shopping one night, I snuck into the closets of the children and found tons of toys that had hardly been used–and they were all free! I chose my favorites and carefully wrapped each one. I strategically placed them under the tree. Later that evening, when the family noticed all the new presents stacked under the tree, the children went wild with excitement. I loved seeing them so happy. My wife, however, knew exactly what I had been up to and gave me that look of “you are a deceiver of men.” I just smiled.

 Christmas morning arrived. The children were anxious to open their presents, especially all the meticulously wrapped ones from daddy. As they opened each present and realized what it was, they were very excited. “Wow! Look Mom! Look! Look what daddy got me! I love it! I used to have one of these! Thank you daddy! You are the best!”

 It worked! My children were happy. They did not receive anything new from me; only a reminder of what they had all along.

 God has blessed us so much in our lives. He has given us many gifts. Some of these gifts we have put away in the closet; we have buried our talents or simply forgotten about them. However, throughout our lives, a wise and loving Father in Heaven re-wraps our gifts in a new light and under new circumstances. When He does, we sometimes think that He is giving us something new; often, however, He is simply trying to help us see the gifts that were already ours.

 Take for example, your parents. They are a gift from God. When you were young, you may not have realized it. Your level of gratitude may have been low. However, now that you are on a mission, it is not uncommon that the Lord re-wraps your gift. You begin to see your parents in a new light. You begin to feel deeper love and deeper appreciation. They are not new parents; they have been there all along; God has simply allowed you to see them in a new light and under new circumstances. God has re-gifted them to you.

 In like manner, there are many other gifts that God often re-gifts us. Nothing new. He simply helps us see what was always there–the Atonement, the Church, the gospel, the sacrament, the priesthood, the scriptures, time, talents, testimony, health, and the list goes on.

 “For what doth it profit a man if a gift is bestowed upon him, and he receive not the gift?” (D&C 88:33).  What does it profit us if we are given the opportunity to be a full-time missionary and we do not do anything about it? What does it profit us if we are born in the covenant and grow up of goodly parents and we do not do anything about it? What does it profit us if we are given a commandment or an ordinance or a suggestion and we do not do anything about it?

 May we take a look in the closets of our own souls and recognize the gifts that are already ours. May we express gratitude for each of those gifts and then act upon them.

Cool stuff. Love you dad. Miss you!! Excited to see you on Saturday!!!

Elder Corbett


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