Elder Ochoa

I am super happy for you motha!! You will do great!! Relief Society President!! Whom the Lord calls, he Qualifies!! You will do great. Just rely on the Lord and you will be amazing!! Proud of you mom!!

So tomorrow are changes. My comp is out. I am training. There are 5 new elders coming to the mission and 4 of them are latinos. I would love to train the american but it isn't likely!! But that is fine! I am a little nervous to train but also excited because i'm gonna be able to do whatever i want and try a whole lot of new things!! 
Carlos didn't get baptized this last weekend because after passing his baptismal interview, he drank a cup of coffee.... haha he is just the funniest guy. He said his sister didn't give him anything else so he had to drink it... like i said, he doesn't have full processing abilities. So we had to explain that sometimes if they give him coffee, he cannot touch it at all and it may mean that he won't drink anything... on Sunday morning he told me they gave him coffee again... but he didn't touch it. So he will get baptized this Saturday. 

This last week we had zone conferences. Elder Ochoa came. He is amazing. He is from Mexico but speaks English 100%. I believe he will be an apostle... Way funny but also way spiritual... He called the whole mission to repentance... Performed miracles....read minds.... and made us laugh.... Honestly amazing... In one of the conferences, while president smith was talking, Ochoa just walked out of the chapel... People that he was going to the bathroom... He didn't come back for 50 minutes... everything was thinking "what the heck??". He gets the microphone and explained what happened. He said: He felt that someone needed him. So he left the chapel. kneeled down to pray and felt he needed a companion. So he asks some random church maintenance guy who was in the chapel to be his comp. They walk out of the church, and touch a door... The guy didn't want anything... but said his neighbor needed help. So they touch the door. Nobody comes to the door. His comp says, "lets go. nobody is here". Ochoa just waits without saying anything. 10 minutes later, a women opens the door. She looked distressed and sick. turns out she needed back surgery. She could barely walk... she was supposed to be in bed the rest of her life. Ochoa says he was sent from the lord. He asks her if he could give her a blessing. She says no. He explains the priesthood and how he has authority. She then said yes please. He gives her a blessing. SHE WAS HEALED. Now she wants to listen to the missionaries and be baptized.... hahahah how crazy. Everybody was just crapping themselves when he was saying this. 

Other stuff happened like this. Ochoa was perceiving missionaries thoughts and told missionaries the questions they wanted to ask... One time he paused for a minute. wrote on his ipad. gave his ipad to the assistant. asked a sister what her question of the soul was. And then he told the assistant to read the ipad. And it was the same exact question.... He knew That specific sister had that question. 

In the middle of the conference, he was talking about faith and randomly points to a sister from Utah. And says, ÿou  are a chosen women of God"... He said it in english and then just continued in spanish talking about faith... This sister cried the rest of the conference... hahaha such a crazy conference. 

Love you guys!! 

Elder Corbett


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