We had a good week. Carlos got baptized. He asked me to baptize him. It was way cool. It was tough because he is half paralyzed... I had to dunk him 3 times because there wasn't that much water in the font and he was panicing a little bit... It literally felt like i was wrestling with the guy. I was physically exhausted after because it was crazy.... hahah it was like we were in a wave pool because he was moving everywhere. Definitely won't ever forget that experience. 

Church was sick yesterday. There was an Area Leadership Training at our building. So all the Stake Presidencies from the mission, a seventy, temple president, exmission presidents were all there... The speakers for sacrament meeting were stake presidents from other stakes in Xela and Momos... I think there were like 9 stakes represented there... Talk about power. 

This month of December the district will have 6  baptisms. We have 4 right now and 2 more this Saturday. It is a good number. But January will be a tough month by what i see. We are focusing on challenging everyone we talk to. Right now we are all finding a ton of new investigators because of the church christmas initiative. So that is great. 

Tomorrow we will have a Mission Christmas Activity. It is going to be in the chapel here in Brasilia. We don't know anything about it. It is a surprise. Next week we are gonna do a secret Santa gift exchange. So that will be fun. Christmas will be pretty low key. But nice. It is getting cold here at night. But it doesn't  feel like Christmas. 

Love you guys!! Miss you guys!!

Elder Corbett


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